Salesman-In-Chief says: Obamacare is really great, guys! Honest.

Today, our country’s president got up in front of America and infomercial’d the population regarding the “Affordable” Care Act. He spent 25 minutes doing a sales pitch and trying to minimize the importance of the website ‘glitches’ in relation to the actual services provided. At several points during the presentation, he expressed how upset he was that the website didn’t work and told us that that meant it would definitely be fixed…because now that he’s mad about it, shit will get done ‘n’ stuff.

Since the site is experiencing so many problems, Mr. Obama gave us the totally awesome phone number, 800-318-2596 (800-F1UCKYO) to call so we can all be blessed with really great and affordable coverage. Unbeknownst to him, the phone line must be linked to the website or something because it is just as useless. The phone line seemingly crashed and is now being answered by call center reps that tell the public that their system is down for the next 48 hours or so. They also stated they have no information other than what is provided to them in the scripts provided by keying in search terms into the system they use. (Hannity Radio Show, Oct. 21, 2013)

Shortly after the phone issues began, Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services Secretary, tweeted information about the 4 different ways consumers can apply for coverage under Obamacare. Oddly enough, the first two methods in the list are not available to anyone because of utter incompetence in the process used to write code for the website and/or the call center’s access. So, what’s left? Applying in-person or mailing in an application. Seriously?

So, back in 2008 and every year since, when some states were trying to prevent voter fraud through voter ID laws requiring a valid, government-issued ID to be presented in order to vote, democrats said that was totally racist and disenfranchisement of minorities and poor people. Now that it is for something that the left supports, they are totally okay with making people get in their cars to travel down to some government office to sign up for a government service AND show ID in order to get it? Obtaining an ID, being offered free of charge in most cases, is worse than making people sit in a waiting room for hours while waiting to sign up for a service that may or may not actually be affordable? Who cares if they are missing work or don’t have their own car to get there. What a joke.

I don’t even have to go into the silliness of HHS Secretary and President Obama advising people to sign up via USPS. It would take as long to sign up through the mail as it has for the government to get its own website ready for the public.

Having the leader of the free world get on national television to give the country a sales presentation about a law he passed with hyper-partisanship and touted as the best thing to be offered since sliced bread is really bad. If it is such a great thing, why is he having to pass a law to get people to sign up for it and why is he getting on t.v. to sell it?

When a great product is introduced to the world, people flood to the stores to buy it because they like the maker, the gimmick behind it, or the quality of service they receive from it. Apple only has to mention they are releasing a new phone before people are camping out in front of stores to get one. Even Sesame Street characters are more popular than Obamacare seems to be. I remember people fighting each other just to get their hands on a Tickle Me Elmo. The only reason the ACA website gets so much traffic right now is because the media has been logging on multiple times a day and nobody wants to be punished for not purchasing a product that the government says they are required to buy. Can you imagine a law that told people they had to buy an iPhone by December 31st or be taxed (fined) thousands of dollars?

Now that the ACA website and implementation problems are not being overlooked because of the government shutdown, I wonder if the White House will propose a delay of some sort? I really hope that Republicans in Congress hold their ground if this does happen. The GOP asked for a delay which would have given Obama and democrats an easy way out of having to ask for it and giving them time to fix the bugs before the next public roll-out but they chose to get all stompy feet instead. Now, they have to face up to their failures and admit they weren’t ready without the backing of the GOP in Congress. I hope they make the democratic led Senate and White House beg for a delay. Because we all know that was a completely reasonable plan during the shutdown but they didn’t want to budge because they didn’t want to be seen as negotiating.

Delay, defund, repeal, burn, or whatever you have to do to this law, Mr. President, but don’t tell us that your product is so wonderful when everything points to the opposite.

P.S. My cellphone and cable bills are not affordable, President Obama. Not sure when you paid your own cellphone bill last but you obviously don’t know they are pretty damn expensive. Ya might wanna rethink comparing your ‘baby’ to our cellphone bills.


#NavyYardShooting brings out the best of the best of the worst

Today’s Navy yard shooting brought prayers, thoughts, and caring from a nation of citizens that watched the tragedy unfold on television and on social media. Millions tweeted support for the victims and their families and pleas for the media and others to stop the speculation and politicization of the event before the facts were known. But, that didn’t stop the trolls and “never let a crisis go to waste” followers from trying to get ahead of the game and push the political rhetoric.

I took to Twitter to admonish those who were ignoring the victims in order to make it about their favorite political issue. I encountered this gem who decided I would be their stalking target of the day.

In one of my many tweets, I said:

After which I began my interactions with my #1 Fan!

But good ol’ Yahia wasn’t having it! How could you possibly expect anyone to wait until the tragedy’s details are known before making political assumptions? The gall!

Implied Facepalm

And here come the silly accusations because I won’t debate speculation:

Apparently they didn’t realize that I had stopped addressing them directly in any of my tweets and that they were stalking my timeline and responding to me after I had told them they were blocked. Logic and intelligence, people.

But a kind friend who possesses logical thinking skills came to my rescue:

Nooooo! The stupid! It hurts! What part of “blocked” and “go away” doesn’t this nitwit get?!

Spock Lack of logic

Then I made it clear I was not avoiding debate but instead, avoiding debate on a tragedy that was not under control and in which no true facts were released yet. But, all Yahia saw was that I would debate “any day of the week”. Derp!

Hopefully Yahia will learn that words in a sentence are meant to be read and processed as one full statement. Also, I hope that they can find their own humanity and wait until the victims are rescued and/or evacuated and the suspects captured before they attempt to make assumptions and engage in political debate. Time will tell.


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