I’m too pissed to write…

For those that actually follow and read my blog, you might be wondering where the heck I’ve been; why I haven’t been keeping up on my posts here.

I have had some big changes in my personal life recently which included my oldest son moving to Texas from Ohio after 13 years of living with his dad. This has been a wonderful thing for me and my family and I have been enjoying his company on a daily basis.

The other reason I have been so quiet lately is that I am one pissed off chic. I can’t believe that our government is getting away with, or attempting to, the lies and deceit to the American people. Our, totally honest and trustworthy, president has lied to us for the last three years about his signature legislation while the media covered for him the whole time.

Only now, after the healthcare.gov site failures have grown too big to ignore, has the media, democrats, and other supporters of this administration decided to listen to what conservatives and republicans have been saying the whole damn time!

This is why I am so quiet. There’s not much to say. I’ve said it all before. Nothing has changed. The same arguments and same ridiculousness is still running rampant in our political system. Why continue to say the same things over and over when the fight is rigged?

I’ll be back. I just have to figure out how to get past the infighting within the GOP/Conservative movements and the blinders from the media and democrats on this administrations lack of honesty and leadership.


Salesman-In-Chief says: Obamacare is really great, guys! Honest.

Today, our country’s president got up in front of America and infomercial’d the population regarding the “Affordable” Care Act. He spent 25 minutes doing a sales pitch and trying to minimize the importance of the website ‘glitches’ in relation to the actual services provided. At several points during the presentation, he expressed how upset he was that the website didn’t work and told us that that meant it would definitely be fixed…because now that he’s mad about it, shit will get done ‘n’ stuff.

Since the healthcare.gov site is experiencing so many problems, Mr. Obama gave us the totally awesome phone number, 800-318-2596 (800-F1UCKYO) to call so we can all be blessed with really great and affordable coverage. Unbeknownst to him, the phone line must be linked to the website or something because it is just as useless. The phone line seemingly crashed and is now being answered by call center reps that tell the public that their system is down for the next 48 hours or so. They also stated they have no information other than what is provided to them in the scripts provided by keying in search terms into the system they use. (Hannity Radio Show, Oct. 21, 2013)

Shortly after the phone issues began, Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services Secretary, tweeted information about the 4 different ways consumers can apply for coverage under Obamacare. Oddly enough, the first two methods in the list are not available to anyone because of utter incompetence in the process used to write code for the website and/or the call center’s access. So, what’s left? Applying in-person or mailing in an application. Seriously?

So, back in 2008 and every year since, when some states were trying to prevent voter fraud through voter ID laws requiring a valid, government-issued ID to be presented in order to vote, democrats said that was totally racist and disenfranchisement of minorities and poor people. Now that it is for something that the left supports, they are totally okay with making people get in their cars to travel down to some government office to sign up for a government service AND show ID in order to get it? Obtaining an ID, being offered free of charge in most cases, is worse than making people sit in a waiting room for hours while waiting to sign up for a service that may or may not actually be affordable? Who cares if they are missing work or don’t have their own car to get there. What a joke.

I don’t even have to go into the silliness of HHS Secretary and President Obama advising people to sign up via USPS. It would take as long to sign up through the mail as it has for the government to get its own website ready for the public.

Having the leader of the free world get on national television to give the country a sales presentation about a law he passed with hyper-partisanship and touted as the best thing to be offered since sliced bread is really bad. If it is such a great thing, why is he having to pass a law to get people to sign up for it and why is he getting on t.v. to sell it?

When a great product is introduced to the world, people flood to the stores to buy it because they like the maker, the gimmick behind it, or the quality of service they receive from it. Apple only has to mention they are releasing a new phone before people are camping out in front of stores to get one. Even Sesame Street characters are more popular than Obamacare seems to be. I remember people fighting each other just to get their hands on a Tickle Me Elmo. The only reason the ACA website gets so much traffic right now is because the media has been logging on multiple times a day and nobody wants to be punished for not purchasing a product that the government says they are required to buy. Can you imagine a law that told people they had to buy an iPhone by December 31st or be taxed (fined) thousands of dollars?

Now that the ACA website and implementation problems are not being overlooked because of the government shutdown, I wonder if the White House will propose a delay of some sort? I really hope that Republicans in Congress hold their ground if this does happen. The GOP asked for a delay which would have given Obama and democrats an easy way out of having to ask for it and giving them time to fix the bugs before the next public roll-out but they chose to get all stompy feet instead. Now, they have to face up to their failures and admit they weren’t ready without the backing of the GOP in Congress. I hope they make the democratic led Senate and White House beg for a delay. Because we all know that was a completely reasonable plan during the shutdown but they didn’t want to budge because they didn’t want to be seen as negotiating.

Delay, defund, repeal, burn, or whatever you have to do to this law, Mr. President, but don’t tell us that your product is so wonderful when everything points to the opposite.

P.S. My cellphone and cable bills are not affordable, President Obama. Not sure when you paid your own cellphone bill last but you obviously don’t know they are pretty damn expensive. Ya might wanna rethink comparing your ‘baby’ to our cellphone bills.


Oh goodness, I’m so glad the shutdown is over. It was ruining our lives!

Now that the government shutdown has ended, I want to know what was lost that we now have back. The news, on every station, every website, and social media are all leading with details about the shutdown being over and government agencies getting back online. So far, I haven’t really seen anything substantial that we missed out on that we couldn’t have done without for a couple of weeks. Maybe if it had lasted for a month or more, we would have felt it more. Let’s run through it, real quick.

Panda Cam

Video Capture: Tai Shan and Mei Xiang

Panda Cam at National Zoo

The panda cam is back?! Oh, thank God! I know millions of Americans were hurting because they couldn’t get their daily dose of a baby panda sleeping next to its mother. Did you catch my sarcasm? I hope so because I was laying it on pretty thick. The fact is that many people didn’t even know there was a panda cam. I didn’t. Would you like to know why? Because it doesn’t matter! My life is not made better or worse with live video of a panda family at the National Zoo. Yet, the news has insisted on making it one of the “Woo Hoo”‘s of the shutdown ending. I’m sure they are really cute and all but a government shutdown that led to a camera being turned off is not news, people. Really.

Barricades Removed

Vets Cross Barricades During Government Shutdown

Vets Cross Barricades During Government Shutdown

The barricades and little road cones that the government set up around national parks, memorials, and “oooh look”‘s weren’t really doing anything but pissing people off, were they? Was our country so severely affected by a few gates and plastic cones that we couldn’t go on with life anymore? No. All those barricades did is create more unity with our veterans and communities that support veterans’ ability to visit the memorials that are dedicated to them and their fallen friends. Nobody cared that the barricades were there except that they were put there just to prove a point.

Reschedule those appointments

I’m not even kidding here. One of the reports I saw on the news said that people will have to reschedule appointments they had with government agencies. The horror! Not only did your appointment get cancelled but you have to call and reschedule it too?!!!

Home buying delays

This, I thought, had to have been a joke. Buying a house could be delayed by up to 2-3 weeks! Can you believe that? Me either. I have nothing else to say about this. I just can’t.

Furloughed Employees Return

After spending two weeks at home, chilling on the couch, going to the beach, or whatever it is that government employees do on their paid vacations, they have to go back to work today. Did they miss out on anything? Well, most employees of the government are paid twice a month. That means they get their pay deposited on the 1st and the 15th of the month. Since the shutdown didn’t occur until the 1st, they would have received that paycheck just fine. The 15th of the month was just two whole days ago. That means their pay will be delayed by a few days, at most. ImageOn top of that 3-5 day delay in their pay, most of them are complaining that they have to go back to work. That’s right, folks. They enjoyed the paid time off. Imagine that! Let’s, also, not forget that since they were off for two weeks, no new applications, paperwork, etc was processed so it’s not like there’s a pile-up of work that kept coming in while they were off. I don’t see much suffering going on here.

Call me insensitive. Call me one of those horrible conservatives that only cares about the rich or something. But, don’t ever call me someone who is sympathetic to a government that tries to manipulate, guilt trip, and spin the facts so it’s constituents will think the shutdown was so terribly horrible for the country. A default, I agree, would have been bad but, the shutdown? Not for the length of time that it was in place.

Nice try, though.


EBT Thefts in Louisiana: It’s not stealing if you are a hungry poor person…right?

A glitch in the EBT system that processes transaction for SNAP (food stamps) purchases caused cards for Louisiana recipients to show an unlimited spending balance this weekend. During the 2-hour glitch, one Wal-mart store saw crowds that would put a hurricane-preparedness-rush to shame, clearing shelves, and spending like there was no tomorrow; all with their government issued EBT cards.  Instead of going to the store to buy grocery items for their family as they normally would, many people decided that the glitch was an early Christmas present. I mean, who would turn down “free money”, right? Who is to blame for this situation, really? The store, the government, or the spenders?

Wal-mart employees contacted their managers and corporate offices to find out what they were supposed to do when “unlimited” showed up on an EBT card. They were told to let the cardholder spend. Spend away, they said. Why? Because Wal-mart knew they would be demonized by the media and the democratic left if they were seen denying poor people from buying food. They succumbed to political fear and allowed people to run up, in some cases, $1000 shopping totals on a taxpayer-funded assistance program that is intended to supplement, not replace, a person’s income. Is Wal-mart really the bad guy here?

Should the blame be, more appropriately, put on the system that allowed such a “glitch” to happen? Should we blame the lack of preparedness of our government for a situation like this? I don’t understand how a single power outage in one area of the country could cause such a costly and preventable error. Could anyone imagine if this happened to a credit card company? If credit cardholders suddenly noticed they had no credit limit and started spending obscene amounts of money without any thought for the consequences, the credit card issuer would spend years trying to recoup the funds from those cardholders and probably go out of business while doing so. Will our government do the same thing with the EBT cardholders?

My own opinion is that the majority of the blame falls on those who saw the mistake, knew they didn’t really have unlimited funds to spend, and chose to rob the system blind anyway. This behavior is the result of government dependency that has gotten out of hand. Being in poverty or just in need of a helping hand does not entitle anyone to take advantage of a system that is funded by those who chose not to use or do not need help to pay bills or buy food. People spending more in one night than many families spend in a month, just because they could, leads me to question the integrity of the program and the people using it.

Shelves in Louisiana Walmart stores were cleared out after computer glitch removed limits from EBT cards.

Shelves in Louisiana Walmart stores were cleared out after computer glitch removed limits from EBT cards.

I am angry at those individuals who chose to steal from me, you, and every other taxpayer in this country. I can’t believe that those thieves thought it was perfectly okay to just spend whatever they wanted and nobody would care. They knew what they received each month and chose to ignore it in order to pickpocket a system while it wasn’t looking. Why not just go rob a store while it’s closed? It’s the same thing. You would be taking something that isn’t yours just because you can. 

Packed shopping carts abandoned at Walmart stores in Springhill and Mansfield, La., after EBT glitch was corrected that had removed card balances.

Packed shopping carts abandoned at Walmart stores in Springhill and Mansfield, La., after EBT glitch was corrected that had removed card balances.

To those on the left who are trying to defend the thievery that occurred in Louisiana with arguments about “panicked poor people who didn’t know when they would get their next meal because of the government shutdown”: Really? Are you honestly trying to explain a $1000 grocery bill in one night with “they were scared”? That’s bullshit. They weren’t scared. They knew the system was having issues and that the store wasn’t going to stop them. They knew that this could be the only time they would be able to spend this much money on things they don’t really need so they took advantage of it and walked to their cars with a huge smile on their faces. They spread the word to others so more people could take advantage of the system too. These people had no integrity, no honor, no conscience that would normally stop any other person from taking so much money from the government. They didn’t even consider that they may lose their next month’s benefits or the one after that in order to repay the government or that they could be prosecuted for theft. Their only thought was, “Holy shit! I can buy whatever I want! Spending spree, bitches!” Why else would they abandon carts full of food when the glitch was fixed if they were really so hungry and in need? That’s what your beloved welfare system has done to our country. Enjoy.


Apparently government shutdowns cause insanity in our elected officials

The shutdown of our federal government system has gotten everyone in a finger-pointing frenzy that is just plain silly. Republicans and Democrats, alike, are blaming each other without taking responsibility for their own actions that have led us here.

When Barrack Obama was elected in 2008, we were told there would be change. Real change to the system that has been broken for so long. He promised us that he would end the cronyism in D.C. and save our economy from disaster. During his last five years in office we have seen nothing but the same things we were suffering from before. The crony politics is just as bad, the economy is still struggling to pull out of the free-fall it was in, the bipartisanship is still nearly nonexistent, and the government that we elected still refuses to listen to what we want instead of what they want.

This shutdown is the result of our government, led by a Democratic president and senate, failing to manage its money like the rest of the country’s citizens. Despite the law requiring our government abide by a budget that they must pass each year, they have decided to forego the budget process and live paycheck to paycheck through the use of Continuing Resolutions that last for a few months at a time.

Each time we hit the next deadline, the Congress acts as if it is a surprise that the deadline has come and scrambles to get what they want by bullying one another just days before the deadline that will shut down our system. Now, we are at yet another deadline that has come and gone with no budget or reasonable negotiations for a budget anywhere in our future.

Democrats argue that Republicans are holding our economy “hostage” and are deploying “terrorist” tactics to get what they want. However, they seem to forget that they are also not willing to negotiate on any type of spending plan and have not successfully passed a budget for 5 years! It is interesting to me that they would seemingly forget that fact and ignore that we would not be in this shutdown and battle over money if they had done their duty to negotiate a budget that would keep the country on track.

Republicans, on the other hand, are making their stand and motivating people to fight for fiscal sanity. Or are they? Republicans in congress have sat by, doing nothing, this whole time just like the Democrats. They only fight when the deadline approaches and pretend it isn’t important the rest of the time. They use unrelated issues to force Democrats to negotiate but, instead, only make them dig in deeper.

Both parties need to wake up and start governing as if they actually care about this country and its people. Stop ignoring the responsibilities you were given when you were elected and face up to the problems we still have. You have calendars, I assume? You can tell time, correct? Stop pretending these deadlines just snuck up on you and start preparing for them and working together to avoid things like this shut down. Don’t sit around, stomping your feet that you aren’t getting your way and refuse to negotiate with “terrorists” as if your colleagues have somehow forced you to do something dangerous or irrational. It’s a budget. We all have one. We know what bills we have to pay and how much money we bring in. We all live within our means. Why can’t you?

Last point, then I will stop:

Since you ignored the deadline that was quickly approaching and decided to fight about it at the last-minute and forced us into this shut down, stop acting like you won’t budge on negotiations unless you get everything you want. If the other side is willing to work with you on one thing at a time to get our government running again, take it! Most of us don’t care if you piece the government back together one piece at a time as long as you do it responsibly and in a bipartisan way. Don’t sit around in press conferences telling reporters that you won’t fund cancer care, veterans, or open national parks just because you want the other side to do it your way! If they are willing to give you some of what you want, stop being stubborn assholes and work with them! We are all watching you and demand that you stop the insanity and work together! No piece of legislation, reputation, or election is so important that you should forfeit the will of the people for yourself!