A Real Contradiction

I am a true and confusing Contradiction to almost every person I debate on social media.
To most, I’m a conservative who hates Mexicans,  Muslims, and black people. I hate The Gays and hope they burn in Hell for their disgusting sins.
I liked G.W. Bush as president while I was serving in the Army and deployed to Iraq during the kickoff of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.
I’m obviously very racist and a war monger.
I love to own big guns that shoot 200 rounds per second so I can hunt and also be ready for the occasional shooting in a public place, of course.
I think all immigrants should go back to where they came from and hate the current President,  Obama,  because he’s black and he talks all uppity.
I have a rebel flag on my truck and in my window at home. 
I get up everyday, drink some booze and smoke some weed and cigarettes while beating my children  right before we head to church. Then go home afterward to my trailer park home and barbecue chicken and ribs with beer while listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd blared up real high.

Sound about right to all you liberals?

Reality check:
I am a multi ethnic white woman who has no racism in my mind or heart. I don’t hate anyone that hasn’t personally given me a reason to hate them.
I absolutely agree with LGBT being given the same rights to marry and love who they love just like the rest of us. I am bisexual, myself.
I did like Bush as my president while I was in the military because he treated us with respect and compensated us more fairly based on the hard work that we do instead of what some politician thought was okay. 
I don’t go to church. I’m actually not a religious person. I am noticing as I get older that I may be more agnostic than anything.  Church is a business used to take money from believers. I’ve seen a lot of religious people being hateful and full of sin so I believe it is a personal decision and practice if you are a Christian.
I don’t ever use religion to deny anyone anything and don’t agree with those who do; although their rights say they can choose not to go against their own morals and beliefs. But that’s a whole new post.
I do love guns but don’t own any at the time. My family comes before the guns we’d like to purchase so for money reasons alone we decided to wait. I believe people should be allowed to buy guns as long as they pass a rigorous background check system, a repaired and previously flawed system. 
As for immigration, I think our country has a lot of leaks in the boat. You don’t take on more weight when your ship is filling up already through the leaks. I think we need to fix the system and then talk about getting rid of criminal immigrants and making current law-abiding immigrants run the system full of fines, testing, educating,  and starting at the bottom for benefits and jobs.
I do not like Obama but only because he’s making very bad choices for this country and it’s making things worse. He was elected because of the color of his skin to prove something to everyone from every ideology that it could be done without regard for experience or ability.  I do not necessarily care for Trump, at all, but if he was the only other name on my voting ballot with Hillary , I’d either vote Trump or rip up my ballot and walk out. I’m still not sure. I don’t do drugs. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I do like to barbecue though and I do live in a brand new mobile home we purchased last year with a large piece of property.    
I do own a truck with a veteran license plate and a veteran sticker in the window. No flag though.
I hate abortion but think it should be allowed only in emergency cases and/or for one time per woman when she realizes she made a mistake. I empathize because I’ve been there. But I wouldn’t do it again. I’d do everything to prevent it even if it meant quadrupling protection methods.
I’m pro death penalty for violent sex offenders, murderers,  and other violent crimes. Something inside a person breaks when they kill or rape someone.  You can’t rehabilitate that with 100% trust it won’t happen again. Why waste 25 years, 24 hours a day, 3 meals, showers, beds, electricity, etc on those people when there are innocent civilians and Veterans homeless on our streets.

I think we need less regulations on social issues such as gay marriage and less anger over gay wedding cakes. Let people love who they love and leave them alone.

I think false victim hood perpetuates the unwillingness to work hard for what you have. Always blaming the system or someone else isn’t ever going to help you move up in the world.

I think we need to focus money on things we can actually accomplish to help real people instead of studying the effects of pig farts on the ozone.

I say all of this because I realized today that all conservatives are labeled as the first set of stereotypes but that we are all different. We don’t blindly follow one party or ideology. Some of us can engage people we disagree with without insulting or screaming but rarely get it in return. So this is me. This is how I think. Briefly. Stop worrying about who you can be friendly with based on their ideology or beliefs and start worrying about how you can find some common ground and understanding to build on to make things better.

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Bill Clinton Thinks Voter ID Laws Aren’t Strong Enough

In former president, Bill Clinton’s, speech at the MLK 50 year celebration in Washington, today, he stated that no democracy should “make it harder to vote than to buy an assault weapon”.

Mr. Clinton must have been having a lapse in clarity and logic when speaking today because it is an absolute fact that purchasing an assault weapon is much harder than standing in line to vote.

Purchasing an assault weapon requires a person to produce a valid, state issued, picture ID and submit to an extensive background check.

Current voter laws do not even require a person to show a valid picture ID to vote. Proposed laws will ask voters to have, in their possession, a valid form of identification prior to casting their ballot. However, in most cases, the state will have provided this ID, free of charge and assisted the individual in the process, as needed.

I hope this does not mean that Mr. Clinton is proposing than our country adopt stricter voter ID laws that we are proposing already. If so, he will be demonized and ostracized as a racist and voter suppressor trying to keep minorities and old people from the polls.

Even more sad, is the fact that many people have been agreeing, quoting, and cheering on his statement of ignorance as fact. They too, must not realize that our constitutional right to buy and own a firearm is much harder to claim than our ability and privilege to vote.

I’m disappointed in Mr. Clinton and those who believe what he said was so wonderful. I’m disappointed that they believe saying things like this are helpful to any conversation, including that of race and progress 50 years after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have A Dream” speech.

Amen? Truth? These smart people should know better:

But not everyone was duped:

Then @redsteeze totally took it away with logic and hilarity:

But I guess we’ll just keep pretending what Clinton said was totally awesome and factual -n- stuff.

This National Conversation on Race is a Disaster!

Why does it feel like, as a white-ish person, I am forced to constantly defend myself against racism and my belief that we should all be treated equally, no exceptions? I feel like I am writing about this topic all of the time because it is all people are talking about these days. When will everyone stop and look at what we are all doing to the progress we have made by inciting the old hate and emotion from 50 years ago?

I’m sick of the tired old claim that I will never understand what it is like to be discriminated against and targeted just because of my skin color. The simple fact that I have the conversation of how “privileged” and ignorant I am with people of different races, each day, shows that I DO know what it is like. When I am approached on social media or in person by a non-white, I have already been stereotyped as being an ignorant, closet or accidental racist white person that will never understand what it’s like to be non-white. Really? So the argument is that I am the one who stereotypes and displays racist behaviors just by being white(ish) but the act of stereotyping me is perfectly okay?

It’s really quite simple. We all want to be treated with respect and dignity. We all strive to be successful and to have the same opportunities that are afforded to the rest of the country’s citizens. We want to be free from judgement based on our skin tone. But, somehow it has become a crime to be white now and offensive to proclaim your disgust with being called a racist all of the time.

I’m going to lay it out for anyone who wants to claim I am a racist or privileged or ignorant about racial issues:

  • If you want to be treated the same as everyone else, stop asking people to treat you differently based on your skin color. It’s hypocritical to demand equality from the very same people you are demanding special exceptions or privileges from all on the notion that one of your ancestors was forced into slavery. YOU are not a slave. YOU have the same freedoms as the rest of us; our country fought and won that battle already. YOU are an American and I will NOT treat you any differently than I treat the next person so don’t bother trying.
  • If you don’t want me to stereotype you then don’t stereotype me. I may not know what it is like to be a black male, as I’ve been told so many times before, but YOU don’t know what it was like to grow up in my shoes either. Your assumption that I had it so great because I’m a white person is offensive and makes you look like a real dumbass. My childhood sucked and I was so happy when it was finally over and I could make my own choices and get away from that life. I chose to NOT be like my family was and make something out of my life. I struggled with poverty, teen pregnancy, an abusive husband, and a hereditary mental illness…and that’s just the things I’ve had to deal with since I became an adult. So don’t you dare tell me how hard you’ve had it and assume my life has been so wonderful because I’m white.
  • I’ve met so many wonderful people in my life, of all colors, who’ve proven to be great friends, co-workers, and people, in general. However, it is not untrue that there are those that do not represent their race, culture, or even the human race in a positive way. These people don’t have to be black, white or latino. They are all of the above. Just like there are white “trailer trash” that steal, do drugs, and whatever else they feel like doing to offend everyone around them, there are blacks who steal, do drugs, and whatever else they feel like doing. The point is that just because someone points out the crime rate of blacks as being higher than whites doesn’t mean they are being racist. Numbers aren’t racist. Statistics aren’t racist. I’m willing to bet that there are more white drug addicts than there are blacks so does that mean I hate my own race? No. Its just numbers. There are bad people all over this world. If you aren’t one of them then stop defending those that are and try proposing a solution to the problem instead.
  •  Lastly, can we please stop picking and choosing which events in our society are convenient to use as fodder for the debate on race relations? Whites and blacks, alike, are constantly pointing to this case or that case, in court, that proves how horrible the other race is and how unfair our system is to the victim. If you are going to point me to a case involving a black victim, I want you to be fair about it and look at every case involving a black victim. Actually, I want you to look at every case in our criminal system and look at all of the victims and point out to me the specific instances where our system has showed consistent bias or unfairness toward one race or another. If you can only cite one or two cases that you feel were unfair, despite the defendant being charged and tried in a court of their peers, I cannot take you seriously. This onesy-twosy shit has to stop. The system is not always going to work out the way you want it to. I know from experience. I lost a very close family member to violence and I feel it was not handled properly but its how our system works and I have to accept that.

I’ll end this, more than likely, offensive post by saying that I believe there is still racism in this country. I do think that people of different races are being treated unfairly just because of the color of their skin. However, I do not feel that so-called minorities have a monopoly on this claim anymore. I do not accept the premise that just because some distant ancestor, 200 years ago, enslaved a black person that I have to defend my actions over the past 37 years. YOU were not enslaved and I was not a slave owner. Those are the simple truths. We are both citizens of this wonderful country and have the same rights AND responsibilities. We are responsible for our own actions, not the actions of people we didn’t even know. Turning your hatred, for things that were not done to YOU, toward me is just as wrong as if I were to hate you because of your race. Maybe, just maybe, if people would stop looking for a way to punish someone else for wrongs committed in our country’s past and start getting to know our fellow citizens, neighbors, based on their personal actions and character, we might get somewhere close to equality. Until then, I only see this problem getting worse, not better. That’s sad.



*This post has been edited to reflect the new title.


Lemon & Pound Cake: Racism vs. Responsibility

Let me preface this link with my own opinion.

This blog post is a little lengthy but includes some very valid points regarding stereotyping and racism in this country. The responsibility of the black community to help end the perpetuation of the thug, criminal, and uneducated statistics and stereotypes cannot be ignored.

I encourage anyone who believes that racism is still, unfortunately, alive but not the sole responsibility of non-blacks to end, to read this and share it.


Lemon & Pound Cake: Racism vs. Responsibility.

Talk to me when you’re white

Since the Not Guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman shooting death of Trayvon Martin, our country has been in turmoil. A case that should have been about whether a man had the right to defend himself with deadly force has turned into a witch hunt because the guy he was defending himself from was a young, black male. George Zimmerman stupidly followed a black guy through a gated community’s neighborhood because he thought that guy looked suspicious. Turns out, Trayvon Martin was using a “shortcut” to get to his own home after stopping at the store to buy a snack and drink. Trayvon Martin stupidly confronted the guy following him and proceeded to physically assault that guy with a, possibly, justified beat down. Those are the facts of the case. Everything else is just speculation. Did Zimmerman feel that his life was in danger? Did Trayvon have the right to approach and start a fight with Zimmerman because he was being followed? Can any of us go back to that moment and get inside the minds of those two individuals to feel and think what they were thinking that night? Can anyone prove that Zimmerman did not feel his life was in danger? Can anyone prove that Trayvon intended to teach Zimmerman a lesson but would have stopped before killing him?

I’m not going to rehash the details and evidence presented by the prosecution and defense teams during the trial.  I’m not going to make a huge deal out of the fact that the prosecution’s own case pointed toward the fact that Trayvon Martin was the aggressor and that George Zimmerman could not have known, beforehand, that Trayvon was just going to beat him up and then mosey on home like nothing happened. Allegedly, in Zimmerman’s eyes, he was being beaten to death and had to survive. What I am really interested in is the response that the trial and verdict evoked from, normally, rational and level-headed people.

Zimmerman Tattoo Face-Media Bias

The media and racial dividers such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have grasped onto this case and turned it into something it never was. The police and FBI investigated the case to determine if racial prejudice was involved in Zimmerman’s motive to follow or shoot Trayvon, but found nothing to substantiate that claim. On social media and in the protests being held, the overall message has been “white people will never understand what it’s like because white people have advantages that blacks do not have.” That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I have been told by a lot of people, recently, that I have been blessed with white privilege throughout my life. Let me enlighten those ignorant people with a few facts about how, many, white people grow up in this country. Millions of children are born white and raised the way I was, but have never known what it is like to be given every opportunity to excel through government programs and celebrity advocates. There are no special programs aimed at helping white kids get out of poverty. There are no specific grants or advocacy groups whose sole purpose is the assistance for white families. Poor white kids are left to the mercy of their parents and a government that has forgotten about them because they are not black.

I grew up as a poor white kid. I went to a school where was the minority. I didn’t have new clothes or name brand shoes. We lived on welfare and in run-down houses infested with cockroaches and rats. My mother was a drug addict who worked at bars and topless clubs for tips. My father was… well, gone. We struggled for food and the basic necessities such as toilet paper. Standing in line for food stamps was a regular thing. Blocks of cheese, given to us by the government, was a major staple of our diet. We ate a lot of potatoes and beans because those were the foods that we could afford after most of the foodstamps we received were sold for cash to buy drugs and alcohol.

Never, while walking into the bathroom to pee, did I say to myself, “Wow, I sure am glad there’s a (hopefully) clean sock on the floor to wipe with instead of a roll of toilet paper. We sure are privileged.”. I can’t ever remember lying in bed, surrounded by the sound of cockroaches flying and crawling around on the walls and floor, and thinking about how lucky we were to have such an advantage over everyone else because we were white. When I opened up my box of generic Rice Krispies in the morning and had to chase out the bugs before I poured it in the bowl, I don’t think I can recall ever being grateful for all the people out there that were looking out for me because I was white. When I cried for hours at a time because my mom had left the house without saying a word to anyone, leaving me alone with my toddler and infant brothers for days, when I was barely old enough to stay home by myself; I know I never figured it was all because we were so lucky to be white.

Now that I am an adult I hear the “white privilege” and “talk to me when you’re black” comments being thrown my way, on a daily basis. It angers me to hear statements like this being made because I know there are so many advantages given to “minorities” that us regular white kids weren’t eligible to receive. I know that I grew up wishing for something or someone to come along and rescue me from that life. I didn’t look to the black kids in my school, wearing Nike or Converse tennis shoes and name-brand clothes, and hate them because they had it better than me. I didn’t blame them for my family’s misfortunes. I never got angry that they had opportunities that I did not. I never accused them of being full of hate and prejudice toward white people when they called me “whitey” or “cracker” or when I was ganged up on in school by a group of black kids because I was white.

Our country has spent so much time trying to make up for the transgressions of the past through special treatment and advantages, called Affirmative Action and geared toward the black community, that it has forgotten about the rest of the children and families struggling to survive.  The media drives a narrative that says blacks are treated unfairly through things like profiling and unnecessary stops by police. Perhaps this is true in some instances, but are the actions of a few the views of the many? If a black man shoots a “white-hispanic” baby in the face, killing him instantly during the robbery of the baby’s mother, does that mean all black men are robbers or killers? Why are the, admittedly, foolish actions of a “white-hispanic” man being used to accuse all whites of racism; after he was tried by a jury and found to have been justified in his actions? Is the the system of justice we have in this country only considered “Just” when it stands on the side of a black person?

I don’t hold any form of hate or prejudice toward blacks or any other race, for that matter. I think we should all be treated equally because that is what this country is supposed to be about. I do not believe whites or blacks should be given any advantages that are not readily available to everyone. Each person should be able to achieve what they are capable of achieving without being accused or suspected of having some hidden advantage over other people. I believe that this country has moved past the oppression and discriminatory practices of the past, for the most part. There are positions of power and success being held by people of all colors and backgrounds who made their own successes possible without help from anyone. Yet, we continue to pretend that we are back in the 50’s and 60’s, when people openly treated blacks with hate and disgust. The difference between now and then is that we have made it acceptable for “people of color” to openly insult, use racial slurs, and hateful words to describe white people as penance for our ancestors actions. Our country has closed its eyes to the growing trend of “it’s okay to hate another race as long as you aren’t white”.

This is America; the United States of America. But, we are not united. We are divided. We have intentionally divided ourselves, over the past 50 years, into two groups: blacks and non-blacks.

One group has the privilege to say whatever they want about the other group. They have powerful organizations and advocates looking out for their rights and seeking justice on their behalf. They have all of the same opportunities that the other group has to succeed but also have a choice to accept help from those organizations if they need it. Their successes are made public and celebrated by all. Their failures are blamed on and used as ammunition toward the other group.

The other group is expected to feel immense guilt and shame for their existence because they have been blessed with being born to parents of a specific color. All of their personal achievements in life are chalked up to their privileged existence and the benefits they receive from that. They are limited on the things they say and do so as not to seem like they are purposely trying to oppress or offend the other group. There are no advocacy groups or powerful organizations that represent their rights and freedoms. If they try to defend their own rights they are demonized by the media and the other group’s protesting.

Wonder which group is the one being treated unjustly?

Stop the racism. It is never justified for ANYONE to use race to attack, accuse, or shame someone else.