A Real Contradiction

I am a true and confusing Contradiction to almost every person I debate on social media.
To most, I’m a conservative who hates Mexicans,  Muslims, and black people. I hate The Gays and hope they burn in Hell for their disgusting sins.
I liked G.W. Bush as president while I was serving in the Army and deployed to Iraq during the kickoff of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.
I’m obviously very racist and a war monger.
I love to own big guns that shoot 200 rounds per second so I can hunt and also be ready for the occasional shooting in a public place, of course.
I think all immigrants should go back to where they came from and hate the current President,  Obama,  because he’s black and he talks all uppity.
I have a rebel flag on my truck and in my window at home. 
I get up everyday, drink some booze and smoke some weed and cigarettes while beating my children  right before we head to church. Then go home afterward to my trailer park home and barbecue chicken and ribs with beer while listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd blared up real high.

Sound about right to all you liberals?

Reality check:
I am a multi ethnic white woman who has no racism in my mind or heart. I don’t hate anyone that hasn’t personally given me a reason to hate them.
I absolutely agree with LGBT being given the same rights to marry and love who they love just like the rest of us. I am bisexual, myself.
I did like Bush as my president while I was in the military because he treated us with respect and compensated us more fairly based on the hard work that we do instead of what some politician thought was okay. 
I don’t go to church. I’m actually not a religious person. I am noticing as I get older that I may be more agnostic than anything.  Church is a business used to take money from believers. I’ve seen a lot of religious people being hateful and full of sin so I believe it is a personal decision and practice if you are a Christian.
I don’t ever use religion to deny anyone anything and don’t agree with those who do; although their rights say they can choose not to go against their own morals and beliefs. But that’s a whole new post.
I do love guns but don’t own any at the time. My family comes before the guns we’d like to purchase so for money reasons alone we decided to wait. I believe people should be allowed to buy guns as long as they pass a rigorous background check system, a repaired and previously flawed system. 
As for immigration, I think our country has a lot of leaks in the boat. You don’t take on more weight when your ship is filling up already through the leaks. I think we need to fix the system and then talk about getting rid of criminal immigrants and making current law-abiding immigrants run the system full of fines, testing, educating,  and starting at the bottom for benefits and jobs.
I do not like Obama but only because he’s making very bad choices for this country and it’s making things worse. He was elected because of the color of his skin to prove something to everyone from every ideology that it could be done without regard for experience or ability.  I do not necessarily care for Trump, at all, but if he was the only other name on my voting ballot with Hillary , I’d either vote Trump or rip up my ballot and walk out. I’m still not sure. I don’t do drugs. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I do like to barbecue though and I do live in a brand new mobile home we purchased last year with a large piece of property.    
I do own a truck with a veteran license plate and a veteran sticker in the window. No flag though.
I hate abortion but think it should be allowed only in emergency cases and/or for one time per woman when she realizes she made a mistake. I empathize because I’ve been there. But I wouldn’t do it again. I’d do everything to prevent it even if it meant quadrupling protection methods.
I’m pro death penalty for violent sex offenders, murderers,  and other violent crimes. Something inside a person breaks when they kill or rape someone.  You can’t rehabilitate that with 100% trust it won’t happen again. Why waste 25 years, 24 hours a day, 3 meals, showers, beds, electricity, etc on those people when there are innocent civilians and Veterans homeless on our streets.

I think we need less regulations on social issues such as gay marriage and less anger over gay wedding cakes. Let people love who they love and leave them alone.

I think false victim hood perpetuates the unwillingness to work hard for what you have. Always blaming the system or someone else isn’t ever going to help you move up in the world.

I think we need to focus money on things we can actually accomplish to help real people instead of studying the effects of pig farts on the ozone.

I say all of this because I realized today that all conservatives are labeled as the first set of stereotypes but that we are all different. We don’t blindly follow one party or ideology. Some of us can engage people we disagree with without insulting or screaming but rarely get it in return. So this is me. This is how I think. Briefly. Stop worrying about who you can be friendly with based on their ideology or beliefs and start worrying about how you can find some common ground and understanding to build on to make things better.

*typed from my cellphone so pardon any errors*


Wake Up Call: Karma And Humility Punched Me In The Face Today

I got a quick and eye-opening lesson in humility this morning.

In less than 20 words, one person was able to make me feel like the biggest and most cruel piece of shit in existence. The message, according to the writer, was not directed at me personally but the wording appeared otherwise. *This person did apologize, in her own way, and I accepted it because I would like to believe the intention was not to hurt me the way she did.

Surprisingly and before I think I had even read it, the most unsuspecting defenders showed up to support and comfort me. The very same person who I have been, admittedly, trashing and mocking on an, almost, daily basis, offered words of compassion and understanding without blinking an eye.

This simple gesture…putting differences of opinion, in a heated debate, aside and showing compassion for your opposition broke through the “cockiness” I had been carrying around. I had been so focused on my belief that I was right and they were wrong that I ignored one of my biggest rules; be civil to one another. When the hurtful words were, seemingly, hurled in my direction, I woke up quick.

We can all disagree without being disagreeable, is how the saying goes, I think. That’s just a tricky way of saying, “hey, just because you disagree with someone doesn’t mean you have to say stupid, hurtful things to make your points”.

I think we all need to reevaluate the way we are approaching our opponents on an issue and make sure we enter a conversation with respect for their opinions, even if we don’t agree. Once the words of anger and hurt are let loose, no amount of deleting or apologizing can erase them. Forgiveness doesn’t erase a person’s memory.

I promise to try to practice, more faithfully and consistently, my rule of civility toward one another. I didn’t like having personal insults thrown in my direction and I will do my damnedest to avoid doing it to others.

Thanks to my defenders and supporters this morning. I really believe your words of kindness prevented a complete meltdown of my mental/emotional state today. I was close. Thank you so much!

Remember what we teach our kids… If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. Easier said than done, I know, so how about this: Remember that the person on the other end of the debate is just like you. They may not have the same opinions or experiences but that doesn’t mean they haven’t experienced things in their life that made them who they are today. We are all human and unique. If we agreed on everything…well, I don’t even want to live in a world like that.

Have a great day everyone! I’m going to make every attempt to do so, myself. My youngest and the most beautiful little girl on the planet is turning 11 years old tomorrow (going on 25! haha)

The Best of the Best of the Pro-Choice Movement? Wow.

I really tried to avoid these two after the other day’s absurdity but somehow they keep showing up in my Twitter timeline even after I blocked them because they have resorted to trolling the people I follow. When the people I follow interact with them, they’re stupidity is thrown right back up in my face. Of course, my curiosity gets peaked because I know firsthand some of the loony things they say so I get sucked into reading the conversations. They never fail to infuriate and confuse me with their logic. That’s for sure.

Once again, I’m going to show you how silly these two’s arguments are about birth control versus abortion.

According to Lisa, if she didn’t get her IUD a decade ago, she would have gotten pregnant 40 times and had 40 abortions. Did you get that? 40 pregnancies and 40 abortions!

Let me run through that for you…

Lisa is basically saying that if she didn’t have an IUD(no-thought birth control) or maybe the government paid for BC Pill, she wouldn’t use a condom or any other type of prevention measures; not even the ineffective but, at least you tried, method of having your partner “pull-out”. She would just continue to have sex without regard for what would happen and every time she got pregnant, she’d have an abortion. After the first pregnancy and abortion, she wouldn’t have learned her lesson or anything. Nope. She would repeat this cycle over and over again, 4 times a year!

Am I missing something? Is this the type of people that are fighting for women’s rights and the pro-choice movement? Women who are saying that they would have 4 abortions a year without birth control? She actually said that she wouldn’t want 40 babies so she’d have 40 abortions. Nevermind that her math was … WHOA! *36-40 weeks (that’s 9-10 months for the mathematically challenged) of pregnancy divided into 120 months (10 years) does NOT equal 40 children* Well, unless you are having twins and triplets every single time you deliver and are having sex again the day after you have your baby(s).

And without further ado, I give you the logic of the pro-choice movement. These are their most highly regarded treasures and advocates for the cause, I bet.


But WE are the ignorant ones…..


Wait, didn’t Lisa just say she didn’t want 40 kids so she’d have 40 abortions? Family planning????? Really???


I can’t…….I just can’t……. *shaking my head*

Yep, you caught us! We hate birth control. We just like to bitch and complain about things so hey, why not bitch about people being irresponsible and not using their FREE birth control and then having 40 abortions! Makes sense…


And, lastly, let me educate Lisa and Shannon on how Twitter functions. If you are talking to people I follow, I can see what you say, even if I block you, unless you block me back. Also, if you MT me in the reply and the people who I follow/follow me keep the @’s the same, then I’ll get notifications from the conversation. So, if you don’t want me to see what you’re saying, then don’t MT me and consider blocking me, dimwits. Otherwise, shut up and quit your whining.


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Pro-Choice Uses My Story To Attack My Pro-Life Views

Attack all you want pro-choicers; I had an abortion and am pro-life because of it.

A few weeks ago, I told a personal story about abortion and how it has affected my choice to be Pro-Life. It was a difficult story to tell and I was very nervous about the backlash I would get from others on both sides of the spectrum, including my own friends and family. However, I felt compelled to publish my experience with abortion, regardless, because of the emotions that the Kermit Gosnell case stirred in me. I felt people should know that there are some women who chose abortion and regretted that choice. I wanted people to know that the choice to abort is not just a “fix all” that many in the pro-choice movement would like everyone to believe. The consequences of seeking an abortion are not just financial or social setbacks. Abortion can lead to, for many, mental and emotional pain that is difficult to handle, especially for those of us that bury the guilt deep inside of them to avoid having to think about what we have done.

Over the past 12 years, I had only told two people about my abortion because I didn’t want anyone to know. I realize, now, that it was a mistake to keep it secret because it was just waiting to come to the surface at the mere mention of a case such as the Gosnell horrors. I became obsessed with the case and the falsehoods being perpetuated by the feminist and pro-choice groups that women who chose to enter Gosnell’s clinic were forced to do so because of the lack of availability of safe, legal abortions earlier in pregnancy. I began my own campaign, via Twitter and my blog, against the lies being told about abortion.

Yesterday, weeks after my story was published and receiving overwhelming support from my friends, family, and others on social media, I noticed a spike in the views of my blog post. I was, instantly, curious what had happened that so many had been directed to my story within the span of an hour or two. I found out that it had been shared, with my permission of course, on the Facebook page for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

The SNMA is a group of men, women, family and friends who have either had an abortion or been affected by abortion negatively and want to help others understand the ramifications that pro-choice groups ignore or hide. There are thousands of women who feel like I do and have shared their stories as well. I shared my story with them the day after I posted it on my blog and thought nothing else of it. Yesterday, hundreds of SNMA followers and members read my story and showed me that my fear of being looked down upon by other pro-life advocates was unwarranted. I thank everyone who left kind and compassionate comments for me and showed their support. Some even told me their own story of loss, guilt, and healing after having an abortion. I am comforted by the fact that I am not alone and can turn to others, who have been in my position, for help dealing with the emotional and mental problems that can arise from abortion.

Now, on the other side of this story, I found that some in the pro-choice movement are not happy about women like me coming forward to speak out against abortion after having made the choice to have one. Shortly after posting my story, I received comments from a pro-choice activist and feminist, Lisa, that I had encountered on Twitter before. She had made some very disturbing comments about her right to abort in the past but this time she seemed to approve of my decision and attempted to help justify my choice by placing blame on the circumstances or the military. I thanked her for her comments and left it at that. However, I found out that Lisa would use my abortion to attempt to guilt or humiliate me into changing my belief that abortion is wrong. Lisa responded to almost every abortion comment I made on Twitter with comments that asked how I could say that when I had had an abortion myself or how come you didn’t do what you are asking other women to do, etc. What Lisa wasn’t understanding is that I do not use my own experience to be hypocritical; I use it to explain to others that abortion is not and should not be the only solution made available to women who are in similar situations. I use my experience to help women understand that an abortion is not just a physical procedure; it affects you mentally and emotionally. Lisa, though, is not having it and thinks that since I made the choice to abort, 12 years ago, I should understand and advocate for others to have that same choice. Well, Lisa, I won’t! I have been there, in the position of having to make a difficult choice and choosing to dodge responsibility for my actions. Abortion may have allowed me to avoid embarrassment at the beginning of my military career. It may have allowed me to meet and marry my husband and have my daughter. It did not, however, allow me to live a life free from regret or guilt. I live everyday with the knowledge that I had a life inside of me and I killed it. That is what abortion did for me. Yes, I was a proud soldier and have a wonderful husband and daughter in spite of my irresponsible actions back then but at great personal cost.

Lisa and her friend Shannon also began a tirade about the hypocrisy of the pro-life movement by showing compassion and forgiveness to those who have had an abortion and regret it but not showing that same compassion toward those who have had an abortion with no regrets. I assure these two, and any others who feel this way, that people like me and those that I know, don’t feel contempt or anger toward women who choose abortion and have no, admitted, regrets. I think what Lisa and Shannon are seeing is that we are angry at the pro-choice movement for claiming that there is nothing wrong with abortion and that it is no more serious than having a tooth pulled. Pro-choice advocates like Lisa think abortion should be available to any woman, any time during pregnancy, at no cost to them, without restriction. Lisa, vehemently, defends a woman’s right to abort at 6 weeks or 6 months and claims there is no difference between the two. Lisa also believes that a “fetus” (baby) is a parasite that uses the body of a woman to survive and it is the right of that woman whether to allow the baby to continue to feed on the mother’s body.

Alternatively, while I accept that abortion is legal in most states and nothing I say or do will end that, it should not be as easy as walking into a clinic and walking out an hour later, baby free. In my case, I had no counseling, no other options were suggested or mentioned and I was easily accommodated when I requested to not see or hear my baby on the ultrasound monitor. I went into that clinic, feeling like it was my only choice and walked out, about an hour later, feeling embarrassed, ashamed, and sick with guilt. I received no post-procedure counseling or follow-up care. I was simply told to abstain from sex for two weeks and go to the doctor if I experienced excessive bleeding or pain. That’s it. Too easy.

Our society has trivialized abortion in order to excuse its availability and use. Instead of personifying the person inside, abortion advocates try to use terms like fetus, tissue, and fetal demise instead of baby and death to describe the procedure. When it is a wanted pregnancy, doctors and parents don’t call the baby a fetus. They hear the heartbeat and watch the baby move on the monitor. Each stage of pregnancy is celebrated. Just because a pregnancy is unintended does not change what’s inside. It only changes the outcome. Pro-choice groups need to stop lying to women and using deceptive terms in order to keep women ignorant to the reality of what they are considering.

Stop making it so easy to get an abortion. Stop telling women it is, essentially, okay to use abortion in lieu of birth control. Why is it harder to get a life saving surgery than it is to get a life killing abortion? Stop allowing abortions to be performed in the secrecy of a small clinic. This “medical procedure” should only be performed by certified, hospital accredited, physicians in the safety of a hospital or medical clinic. Stop allowing women drive-thru service to abortion. Waiting periods, mandatory counseling and education, and disclosures pertinent to the stage of pregnancy and developmental stage of the baby should be required prior to obtaining an abortion. Why is it okay to allow a woman to remain ignorant about the stage of life her baby or the process used to end that life?

I’ll end this post because it has turned into a very long one and that isn’t what I originally intended.

In closing, I would like to say to any woman who finds herself in the position of having to decide whether the pregnancy she has just found out about is going to “ruin her life” if she goes through with it…Please, please, think about all of your options and ALL of the consequences behind each one before you choose abortion. While adoption may seem like a difficult choice, remember that worrying about the welfare of the baby after adoption will be much easier to deal with and manage than dealing with the knowledge that you ended that life so you could keep a job, avoid embarrassment, or financial strain. Is that really the right reason to choose death over life?

“Gosnell was an isolated case” says pro-choice…Oopsies! Guess Not.

“Remember that one doctor guy, a long time ago, that was convicted of murdering babies that he was paid to abort after the legal limit, and they came out alive so he snipped their spines to finish them off? You ‘member, ‘member?”

“Oh yea! That’s right! I ‘member. Wasn’t his name something funny that made you think of a kid’s show? Kermit! Kermit Gosnell! That’s it! Hey! Didn’t he get away with that for like, a long time, because the local government and even other clinics that had been told of the conditions there, refused to investigate him because of the politics of abortion?”

“Yep. Some in the government even admitted that part.”

“Hey! Do you remember how all those feminists, pro-choice groups, and left-wing media ignored that case until they were shamed into talking about it and then they said it was an isolated case that was the result of women being forced to seek back-alley abortions when they couldn’t get early abortions that were actually legal and available less than five miles away from Gosnell’s clinic?” 

“Oh yea! I remember that part! They blamed pro-life people for those babies that were killed and when the doctor was convicted for the crimes, they only acknowledged the woman who died in the clinic and totally ignored the crimes against the babies. That was really sad.”

“Well, guess what?”


“There’s another one!”

“Nuh uh!”

“Yep. In Houston, TX! His name is Douglas Karpen.”

“Damn! I thought Gosnell was the only one?”

“Apparently not! From what I’ve read in the news, this guy has been doing the same thing that Gosnell guy did! Three of his former employees came forward about it.”

“Wow! What are they going to do about it?”

“Well, it looks like the District Attorney and the Lieutenant Governor in Texas are going to investigate him.”

“That’s good. More than what Pennsylvania did when they got complaints about that Gosnell doctor guy.”

“Yea, I know. “

“Think the media and pro-choice people are going to be very happy about this?”

“Uh, of course not because it makes them all look pretty damn stupid for trying to say that no other abortion doctor, ever, has or will do anything like what Gosnell did.”

“Yea, I guess you’re right. Guess it’s gonna be a blame game and excuses kind of summer huh?”

“I’m betting on it.”

This is the conversation we will be having over the next couple of days, weeks, or months. Except, for most of us, we won’t have forgotten who Gosnell is or what he did. Unlike the pro-choice people who think Gosnell is a bad man and not representative of any other abortion practices, anywhere, we know that if one exists, there are others.

Here are the stories I have found, so far, about the Houston House of Horrors. Let’s hope these turn out to be false! I don’t want to hear about anymore babies having died illegally. And if they are true, let’s hope that Texas law enforcement has a whole helluva lot more balls than the Pennsylvania government did when they first found out two decades ago.

And to all you pro-choicers out there that lie, excuse, and defend late-term abortions with the most illogical reasoning I have ever heard from another human being, ever…   If this case turns out to be true, I sure as hell hope you realize that late-term abortions need to be either banned or highly regulated to prevent abuse of the system that YOU created. You wanted women to be able to take 6 months to have an abortion so these babies’ deaths are on you if you stand by and say nothing…again.

Ban late-term abortions! Women don’t need 6 months or more to choose to abort. And don’t try to tell me that women can’t afford early abortions so they get late-term abortions. Late-term abortions cost twice as much!