A Real Contradiction

I am a true and confusing Contradiction to almost every person I debate on social media.
To most, I’m a conservative who hates Mexicans,  Muslims, and black people. I hate The Gays and hope they burn in Hell for their disgusting sins.
I liked G.W. Bush as president while I was serving in the Army and deployed to Iraq during the kickoff of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.
I’m obviously very racist and a war monger.
I love to own big guns that shoot 200 rounds per second so I can hunt and also be ready for the occasional shooting in a public place, of course.
I think all immigrants should go back to where they came from and hate the current President,  Obama,  because he’s black and he talks all uppity.
I have a rebel flag on my truck and in my window at home. 
I get up everyday, drink some booze and smoke some weed and cigarettes while beating my children  right before we head to church. Then go home afterward to my trailer park home and barbecue chicken and ribs with beer while listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd blared up real high.

Sound about right to all you liberals?

Reality check:
I am a multi ethnic white woman who has no racism in my mind or heart. I don’t hate anyone that hasn’t personally given me a reason to hate them.
I absolutely agree with LGBT being given the same rights to marry and love who they love just like the rest of us. I am bisexual, myself.
I did like Bush as my president while I was in the military because he treated us with respect and compensated us more fairly based on the hard work that we do instead of what some politician thought was okay. 
I don’t go to church. I’m actually not a religious person. I am noticing as I get older that I may be more agnostic than anything.  Church is a business used to take money from believers. I’ve seen a lot of religious people being hateful and full of sin so I believe it is a personal decision and practice if you are a Christian.
I don’t ever use religion to deny anyone anything and don’t agree with those who do; although their rights say they can choose not to go against their own morals and beliefs. But that’s a whole new post.
I do love guns but don’t own any at the time. My family comes before the guns we’d like to purchase so for money reasons alone we decided to wait. I believe people should be allowed to buy guns as long as they pass a rigorous background check system, a repaired and previously flawed system. 
As for immigration, I think our country has a lot of leaks in the boat. You don’t take on more weight when your ship is filling up already through the leaks. I think we need to fix the system and then talk about getting rid of criminal immigrants and making current law-abiding immigrants run the system full of fines, testing, educating,  and starting at the bottom for benefits and jobs.
I do not like Obama but only because he’s making very bad choices for this country and it’s making things worse. He was elected because of the color of his skin to prove something to everyone from every ideology that it could be done without regard for experience or ability.  I do not necessarily care for Trump, at all, but if he was the only other name on my voting ballot with Hillary , I’d either vote Trump or rip up my ballot and walk out. I’m still not sure. I don’t do drugs. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I do like to barbecue though and I do live in a brand new mobile home we purchased last year with a large piece of property.    
I do own a truck with a veteran license plate and a veteran sticker in the window. No flag though.
I hate abortion but think it should be allowed only in emergency cases and/or for one time per woman when she realizes she made a mistake. I empathize because I’ve been there. But I wouldn’t do it again. I’d do everything to prevent it even if it meant quadrupling protection methods.
I’m pro death penalty for violent sex offenders, murderers,  and other violent crimes. Something inside a person breaks when they kill or rape someone.  You can’t rehabilitate that with 100% trust it won’t happen again. Why waste 25 years, 24 hours a day, 3 meals, showers, beds, electricity, etc on those people when there are innocent civilians and Veterans homeless on our streets.

I think we need less regulations on social issues such as gay marriage and less anger over gay wedding cakes. Let people love who they love and leave them alone.

I think false victim hood perpetuates the unwillingness to work hard for what you have. Always blaming the system or someone else isn’t ever going to help you move up in the world.

I think we need to focus money on things we can actually accomplish to help real people instead of studying the effects of pig farts on the ozone.

I say all of this because I realized today that all conservatives are labeled as the first set of stereotypes but that we are all different. We don’t blindly follow one party or ideology. Some of us can engage people we disagree with without insulting or screaming but rarely get it in return. So this is me. This is how I think. Briefly. Stop worrying about who you can be friendly with based on their ideology or beliefs and start worrying about how you can find some common ground and understanding to build on to make things better.

*typed from my cellphone so pardon any errors*


#NavyYardShooting brings out the best of the best of the worst

Today’s Navy yard shooting brought prayers, thoughts, and caring from a nation of citizens that watched the tragedy unfold on television and on social media. Millions tweeted support for the victims and their families and pleas for the media and others to stop the speculation and politicization of the event before the facts were known. But, that didn’t stop the trolls and “never let a crisis go to waste” followers from trying to get ahead of the game and push the political rhetoric.

I took to Twitter to admonish those who were ignoring the victims in order to make it about their favorite political issue. I encountered this gem who decided I would be their stalking target of the day.

In one of my many tweets, I said:

After which I began my interactions with my #1 Fan!


But good ol’ Yahia wasn’t having it! How could you possibly expect anyone to wait until the tragedy’s details are known before making political assumptions? The gall!

Implied Facepalm

And here come the silly accusations because I won’t debate speculation:


Apparently they didn’t realize that I had stopped addressing them directly in any of my tweets and that they were stalking my timeline and responding to me after I had told them they were blocked. Logic and intelligence, people.


But a kind friend who possesses logical thinking skills came to my rescue:

Nooooo! The stupid! It hurts! What part of “blocked” and “go away” doesn’t this nitwit get?!


Spock Lack of logic

Then I made it clear I was not avoiding debate but instead, avoiding debate on a tragedy that was not under control and in which no true facts were released yet. But, all Yahia saw was that I would debate “any day of the week”. Derp!


Hopefully Yahia will learn that words in a sentence are meant to be read and processed as one full statement. Also, I hope that they can find their own humanity and wait until the victims are rescued and/or evacuated and the suspects captured before they attempt to make assumptions and engage in political debate. Time will tell.

Obama Attempts to Preserve His Ego by Proposing War With Syria

The Syria of 2013 is very similar to the Iraq of 2003 with one major differentiating factor: the Commander-in-Chief calling the shots. That key factor could lead this country into another conflict with another country but without the support of its citizens or its allies. President Obama basically stomped his foot and told Syria to stop gassing its people or else and Syria laughed and gassed them again just to see what we would do.

English: Iraqi-American, Samir, 34, pinning de...

English: Iraqi-American, Samir, 34, pinning deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein to the ground during his capture in Tikrit, on Saturday July 24, 2004. Samir was the translator for the U.S. Special Forces that helped find Hussein and pull him from his hiding place on December 13, 2003. Samir recently met with U.S. President Bush and thanked him for liberating Iraq. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Iraq, 2003, Saddam Hussein was in possession of WMDs and had been known to use them on his own people. Saddam was an evil dictator that did not care about his country’s people but instead, power and riches. As a result, the internationally community became fed up with his reign and issued an ultimatum that they backed up with force when Saddam thumbed his nose at them. The U.S. led coalition promptly rid Iraq of the man who had tortured its citizens for decades and proceeded to help the country adopt a government that worked for the people instead of against.

Granted, it took much longer for Iraq to become more independent and freer than it had been under Saddam’s rule but, ultimately, the mission was successful. Radical elements still remain in Iraq but the people and the government there are more capable to handle those problems on their own.

In Syria, the government is fighting rebel forces that have been infiltrated by a large number of radicalized Jihadists, including elements of Al Qaeda. Per the reports coming from the war-torn country, the Syrian military has gassed innocent people with deadly chemical weapons, killing hundreds if not thousands. These deadly chemicals come after more than 100,000 Syrians were killed with small arms and explosives over the past years. It has come into question as to whether the Assad regime is truly responsible for the chemical attacks or if the radical elements of the rebellion released the gases in an attempt to instigate a response from the U.S.  There are videos surfacing on the internet that show rebels executing Syrian soldiers and even cutting out their heart and eating it! Are these the people we are supposed to be helping?

Glenn Beck showed a very graphic and disturbing video on his show that would make anyone cringe and second guess who we are supposed to be helping in Syria.  See it here.

Obama and Syria

Obama and Syria (Photo credit: Cory M. Grenier)

Now, our POTUS has lost the support of virtually every ally we have and gained displeasure and threats from the countries that sympathize with Syria. The reason for this? No plan. The President has no clear plan or goal that he can market to the people of his own country, much less the allies that could assist us. Obama’s interest in making statements about ‘lines’ and saving face with his supporters has landed him and us in an impossible situation. Mr. Obama has backed himself in a corner and the only way out is to admit his mistake and take the deserved criticisms and embarrassment on his own -OR- drag this country into a conflict with a country based on intelligence that has been called into question after giving the target country weeks to prepare for our strikes. President Obama claims that these strikes will be precise and will not involve “boots on the ground” but has not told us how he can guarantee this will not turn into a ground war or that Assad has not moved and prepared so well for our arrival that he will have the upper hand. Those precise strikes could turn into complete misses. Then what? If we miss our targets because they were hidden elsewhere, just like in Iraq, what will Obama do then? Will he give up and say “oh well. We missed them. Come on home, boys”? Given the size of Mr. Obama’s ego that has been on display for the past five years, I cannot imagine him allowing himself to be humiliated like that. He will not allow himself to look bad in front of his friends or his enemies. He cares too much about the optics of everything he says and does. Our soldiers will give their lives for our president’s pride.

Oh sure, the advocates for a military strike against Syria are using chemical weapon attacks on children to guilt people into supporting the use of force. I am not claiming that we should not feel sympathy and sadness for those that have unnecessarily lost their lives but I ask why the chemical deaths are less important than deaths due to IEDs, AK-47s, RPGs, or mortars? Why do the 1% of innocent lives lost warrant action but the other 99% are just casualties of war? I believe that if we are using the deaths of innocents as an excuse to take military action than we must include ALL of those deaths and not just those that were a result of a weapon we don’t like because we drew some stupid red line.

How ’bout we take a step back and decide whether this issue is something we really need to get involved with, alone. We are taking all of the risks, all of the expense, and risking valuable relationships with allies we cannot afford to lose. What happens when something happens that DOES prove to have an imminent threat against our own country? Who will we go to for assistance if we are looked down upon by everyone that used to have our backs? It’s not worth it. Not now. Not like this. Get a plan, Mr. President. Right now you are telling us that you said something dumb and now you have to send in the troops because you have to much pride to admit you made a mistake. If you really believe in what you are proposing then why not specify the reasons and how this “precise strike” is going to help the situation. What result will come from us lobbing missiles and dropping bombs? How will your plan make Syria a better place?

We’ll wait for your statement on Tuesday. I am willing to bet it will be more blame shifting and “humanity drew that line, not me”.

All This “Free Money” Makes More People Want To Be “Poor”

Let me preface this post by saying that I do not fault anyone for asking for and receiving help they legitimately need. Many of us go through things in our lives that are beyond our control and cause us to have to ask someone else for help. For those people, I encourage them to do so, without shame, until they are able to get back on their feet through their own hard work and sacrifice. For those that are not in need of assistance but choose to get it anyway because they do not have the necessary motivation or ambition to labor for the things they need and want, I say, grow up and think about what you are doing and how it is affecting others. We are not responsible for the consequences of your poor decision-making skills or carelessness.

Since the “War on Poverty” was enacted, several decades ago, our country has begun a free fall that is going to be impossible to recover from if we don’t change now.  The government assistance that was aimed at ending severe poverty has, in my opinion, backfired. Instead of creating a group of citizens that get a helping hand to climb out of that poor neighborhood or rut they landed in and become self-sufficient individuals that are able to sustain their own well-being, we have gotten a larger than expected group of people who have become dependent on that assistance. No longer do we see people living in poverty, struggling to make it on their own and doing without things they want in order to break free of that struggle. Now, we have been faced with a growing number of government dependents that have grown accustomed to getting funds each month to supplement the money they are, in many cases, unwilling to work to get. Why work hard to have an iPhone, a big screen TV, cable, internet, a decent vehicle, and name brand clothing and shoes when you can work a little bit to get the things you want and let the government pay for the things you need? This era of dependency is a turn in the wrong direction and not what the initial program was intended to do.

I believe there are some things we can do to help discourage the growing number of taxpayer dependency and increase the number of people who take pride in doing things for themselves and feeling the sense of accomplishment in that success. It will be difficult to enact change as the money being given away is like a drug that has overcome each person receiving it.

My opinions on this topic will probably anger a lot of people in a particular ideology that believe every person has a right to receive money from the government in order to elevate everyone to the same financial status. However, as someone who has been in poverty, received government assistance in the distant past, and struggled to get out my own ruts, I feel I have a right to disclose truths and solutions that I believe would be helpful to those who are still addicted to government money.

Past and Present Welfare

In the beginning, welfare was intended for people who were working hard but just were not able to make ends meet. It was intended to fill the gap between income and expenses to survive. Those receiving welfare were given just enough to support their needs and the need of their family. Receiving welfare did not mean you could stop working or stop trying to support yourself; it just meant that if you couldn’t make enough money for your family to eat or to pay the rent, you had it as a backup plan. The people who needed welfare to support themselves and their family, in most cases, felt embarrassment that they had to present food stamps at the checkout, paid their rent with a government issued check, or were seen going into the community clinic to receive free healthcare. The embarrassment wasn’t something recipients cared to endure for very long so they struggled and worked harder to get themselves back on track so they could say “No, thank you” when the government came calling the next month, offering to extend their benefits. The stigma attached to receiving help from the government was enough to prop up the need to do better, be better, and accomplish more on your own.

Today, receiving government assistance has been re-labeled as government “benefits” to make it seem less embarrassing and the method of utilizing those benefits has been revamped as well. Instead of presenting paper food stamps to pay for groceries, recipients of the program are now issued a card, similar to a banking debit card. The payment machines have been programmed to allow EBT as a form of payment. Other customers in line are none the wiser as to who is using food stamps and who is paying for their food with money they earned. The welfare programs are now being pushed to anyone and everyone who might ever want or need them and are being marketed like a corporation would market for a new product being released to the public. These “New and Improved” benefits are no longer just for those who are living in poverty, they are for everyone. There are no longer strict time limits or requirements to receive benefits, as in the past.  The food stamp program, in particular, has been opened up to virtually anyone who applies with no need to show any motivation to become independent from them in the future. The stigmatization of those receiving welfare benefits is gone.

What type of person receives welfare?

As I’ve already stated, the type of people receiving government assistance has changed, dramatically, over the past 20-30 years. In the 1990s, I was a young mother, married to an irresponsible man who valued his next trip to the bar more than the electric bill or our need to eat. I was only 16 years old so my job choices were limited but I worked long hours at the McDonald’s near us to feed my son and try to pay the bills. Unfortunately, a job at a fast food restaurant is not intended to support a family or to be a permanent job so we struggled to survive. My husband worked odd jobs in construction and landscaping, under the table, and spent most of his pay at the bars. I was forced to seek alternative methods to supplement his income, or lack thereof. I went to the local welfare office and applied for assistance. We were approved for food stamps right away. This helped out a great deal and probably kept us fed on days when we would have otherwise gone without. The downside of getting food stamps was the temptation to sell them for cash in order to buy things such as beer, cigarettes, or other non-food items. In addition to the urge to get real money, I realized pretty quickly that we were more likely to buy food items we wouldn’t normally be able to afford because, hey, it isn’t our money we’re spending so it’s okay. The temporary embarrassment at the checkout was worth it because we had juicy steaks to eat every night if we wanted. Forget those days of eating 50 cent boxes of mac & cheese for dinner. We were eating like rich people. At least that’s how it seemed to us and we loved it. We made no attempts to budget and buy only the necessities. We didn’t look at prices, compare costs, or try to minimize our shopping bill. It wasn’t our money so we didn’t care. The only thing we bothered to look at is how many stamps were left to sell for cash so we could afford a couple packs of smokes until my next paycheck. Food stamps actually made us more irresponsible, in some ways.

The one thing that made getting food stamps so aggravating was the need to travel down to the food stamp office every month to pick up our ‘books’ of stamps. Riding the bus downtown, standing in line, and dealing with rude government workers was really annoying. What made the whole trip to get our “stamps” worse was getting off of the bus and walking up to the line with people who had just gotten out of their shiny Cadillac with the sparkly wheels, wearing expensive clothes, and carrying a Coach purse. How did they qualify for food stamps? I had to show proof of income, proof of my bills, and my child’s birth certificate to qualify for food stamps. I had no car, lived in a crappy house in a crappy part of town, busted my ass to make just enough to pay some of my bills, had never owned a new piece of furniture, and shopped for my clothes at K-mart or the thrift store. How could someone with a Cadillac who can afford to buy Air Jordans, Coach purses, get acrylic fingernails, and wear expensive clothing ever convince that angry government worker that they needed food stamps? That’s when I realized the system is severely flawed. The opportunity to fraudulently receive government assistance was too tempting for many to avoid.  I only received food stamps for six months and never went back for help again. I learned that I didn’t want to feel like I was being given the things I had. I wanted the feeling of accomplishment and success to be mine, not the government’s. I liked that feeling I got when I was able to go buy my own car or television with money I had worked hard for and saved up to use for that purpose. I made sacrifices all those years ago. I chose to go without the new products being produced, such as cell phones or big screen tv’s. I chose to go without cable and internet. I watched 5 channels on a tiny tv and had to rely on word of mouth or telephone to get my information. If I wasn’t home, I didn’t get a phone call and it wasn’t that bad.

Now it is even easier for people, like those I stood behind/in front of 20 years ago, to trick the system into supporting their lifestyle. The welfare offices don’t ask you to disclose the luxuries you have. They don’t ask you to tell them how expensive your purse or shoes were. They don’t even ask you to look for a job anymore.  The less you ask of someone, the less they will give. Anyone can go into the food stamp office and say they can’t afford food for their family. Without demanding proof, what is stopping those who are not living in poverty from taking the help from those who are?

What can we do to change welfare programs?

Because of the tendency to become dependent on government money and learn bad behaviors that lead to unproductive and unmotivated individuals, we have to end the big push from government to enroll everyone on welfare programs that are being advertised as an alternative to being poor. Live like everyone else does, they say.  End inequality, they scream.

Well I have news for them; inequality breeds ambition and motivation to be more successful. Without inequality, we’d all be the same and have no reason to work hard and produce great things. Our country would be full of the same type of people living the same type of lives. We would all have nice houses and nice cars so there would be no need to find cheaper ways to manufacture or invent new things to help those in need. Why do anything special if we are all going to be the same, anyway?

I say we need to change our welfare system to accommodate the temporary need for assistance for those who truly need it. Treat welfare like bankruptcy. Declare all assets, disclose all expenditures, bring in letters from all creditors and show proof of your attempts to be gainfully employed in order to receive any type of welfare. If you are found to have lied about the things you own or are paying for, you lose your benefits immediately and will be forced to pay the money back.

If you are paying for cable or satellite television, cell phone service, an expensive vehicle, or credit cards with high balances full of purchases of expensive non-necessities, you must cancel or close those services and accounts in order to receive benefits.

If you are so poor that you cannot buy food for your family, you surely do not need to be watching Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC every week. There are plenty of networks that are broadcast on regular tv with the use of a $10 antenna.

If you can’t afford to pay your rent, you surely don’t need to be riding around in a Lexus with the $500 a month payment. I’m sorry if your credit will suck afterward but you will need to voluntary have that car repossessed or sold and an older, cheaper method of transportation purchased instead. Any leftover money from the sale of your car will be applied to bills.

If you are paying $200 a month to have an iPhone with unlimited data and minutes for yourself and the newest model phone for your spouse and kids as well, but you can’t afford to pay your electric bill each month, you will be forced to choose between assistance and your phones. There are plenty of pay-as-you-go plans with cheap phones out there. There’s no need for the expensive plans and latest model phones if you are having problems paying your bills. For those that claim cell phones are a necessity, I think they have never looked at the fact that people survived just fine without them for the last couple hundred years. We have feet, we have cars or public transportation, and we have land lines; all perfectly fine methods to travel to the source or wait until you are somewhere with a phone to call.

If you choose to keep your luxuries (yes I call them luxuries because they are not essential to your survival as a human being), you choose to be denied assistance.  I’m willing to bet that 70% of welfare recipients have at least ONE luxury service or asset they could cancel or sell to help support their family. I  also believe those people think that cell phones, cable, internet, and the like, are all necessities. They believe that they should not be forced to live like poor people just because they are poor. That would be terrifying for most; to have to give up the things they value the most just so they could get help to buy food. What they don’t realize is that, for many, if they were willing to give up the entertainment or convenience items they treasure so dearly, they might actually make up the difference between what they spend and what they bring in. Its an ‘out there’ concept, I know, budgeting your money so you are only spending what you absolutely have to, but there it is.

Government assistance will come with a requirement similar to receiving unemployment. You must show proof of employment or attempts to gain employment every week in order to keep your benefits. You will be forced to attend a budgeting class and create a budget for the money you earn in order to teach you better financial management skills. Your benefits will only continue for six months unless you show an absolute need to receive them for longer. At the end of the six months, your case will be reevaluated and a determination made as to whether you qualify for an extension. If not, you better hope you were really trying and saving and making earnest attempts to climb out of that whole you’re in or you’re going to be hurting, financially.

When it comes to your children, you will be given some type of birth control, based on your individual medical history or needs, that will prevent any unwanted pregnancies. Unwanted pregnancies are a large contributor to the rise in welfare recipients. If you have three kids that you cannot afford to feed and want the government to help then you should have no problem with the government asking you to take and providing you with a form of birth control. If the penalty for not using good judgement while using government benefits was the loss of those benefits, a lot of people would change their ways.

No person has a right to receive or achieve, through help from the government, what other people have worked hard to get. We are all given the same opportunities, through our birth in this country, to work hard, learn from our mistakes, and become successful individuals. We have a right to the PURSUIT of happiness, not the happiness itself. If you are unhappy, do something about it. If you don’t like your house, your car, your life…change it! We all make choices that affect our daily lives. If you choose to live outside your means, don’t expect the rest of us to pay for it. If you are unwilling to accept the required changes you are being asked to make, then you will have proven you have no ambition to end the cycle of poverty you are in. If you aren’t making enough money at your job to support yourself or your family, find a better job. Don’t blame the company for not paying you enough. You have the choice to work hard and get promotions or the experience to move on to better employment opportunities. If you don’t make enough money, its nobody else’s fault, but your own.

As Ashton Kutcher recently said, “opportunity looks a lot like hard work”. Make it happen and stop asking everyone else to do it for you. This ain’t no welfare state! This is the United States! We are free to make our own destinies. Don’t be destined for failure and dependency. We’re all better than that.

Paula Deen’s Racism Spurs the ‘All Southern Whites Are Racist’ Narrative…Again

English: Image of Paula Deen taken as part of ...

English: Image of Paula Deen taken as part of a public relations campaign for the nonprofit group Civitan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just wanted to make a point to mention the Paula Deen story that is making headlines today.

Paula Deen is an old southern racist, for sure. There’s no doubt about it from what the deposition and news is reporting. Unless there are falsehoods in the reports, we can all agree she didn’t get the memo about the fight to end racism and derogatory terms being used to describe people of other skin colors. However, I see a lot of left-leaning blogs and “media” outlets trying to use this as an opportunity to point out how racist all white people are; especially those from the South.

I have a few things to say about that.

  1. Just because some ignorant turd decides they are too set in their ways to change how they feel about black people, does not mean that every white or white-ish person from the South thinks that way. Most of us don’t use skin color to discriminate, attack, stereotype, or assign political affiliations. Most of us look at a person’s character and make judgements based on their actions instead of using racial labels.
  2. I am not a white person, a cracker, or a racist Southerner. Using those labels to describe me is no less offensive than if I were to do it to someone else. You cannot tell the race of a person or their ethnic background based, only, on their outward appearance. For those that know me, they can attest that I am pretty pale skinned, in the winter. In the summer, my family’s potluck of ethnicities comes out. I have Puerto Rican, Native American, and Irish flowing through my veins. I’m not just a white chic. My point is this: racial labels are less accurate these days than ever before. Just because a person’s skin color appears a certain way does not mean they are white, black, hispanic, asian, or whatever else. Look at the President of the United States, who is a mix of a white mother and black father. Is he black just because his skin is darker? Or is he white with a great tan? Maybe we should stop using those labels for everyone, period. Not just for black people.
  3. This part is going to piss off some of the lefties that think whites are racist, no matter what. So, here goes…Can we please, please, please stop the hypocrisy??  I’m so tired of hearing how horrible it is for a white person to use the “N-word” term to describe a black person but five seconds later, a black person greets another black person by saying something like, “Wuzzup nigga!”. Do you really expect people to take you seriously when you claim it is such a derogatory term when the very same people who claim to be offended by it are using it as a term of endearment and affection?! Also, the excuse given to me most of the time when I bring this up is, “well, its okay for black people to use it because they’re black. When white people use it, its offensive because it’s what white people called blacks during slave days.”  Really? Can you explain why Jews don’t go around calling each other by their derogatory terms or hispanics or asians? Why are black people the only ones excused for using derogatory terms that nobody else is allowed to use? It’s hypocritical and unexcusable.

Fact is that no one should be using any of these derogatory terms to describe anyone else. No black on black use, no black on white, no white on black. None. Period.

It would also be beneficial if there was a general consensus as to what is a racist term and what isn’t. Some blacks get mad when you call them black, while others don’t want to be called African American. This kinda coincides with a previous blog post I wrote about a little girl in my daughter’s school who called her teacher a racist because she used the term black instead of African American. Constantly changing what is considered okay and what is a racial slur does not help the campaign to end racism in this country.

The majority of Americans just want people of all races and ethnic backgrounds to exist together without constantly walking on eggshells and the fear that they may inadvertently use a racist term they didn’t know existed.

Paula Deen used a derogatory term, many times. No doubt. She IS a racist. No doubt. She is NOT every white person. No doubt.