Why I Voted for Trump

I am a Trump voter.

Just because I voted for Trump does not mean I have always supported him. Many people confuse the two. Too many people think that voting for one candidate over the other means you supported everything they ran on during the election. I am here to explain why, despite not supporting him beforehand, I voted for him on election day.

During the primary season, I had a lot of choices on the Republican side. Most of my support back then went to Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. I had hoped that one of them would win. The Democrats put up Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and those were just not logical choices based on the majority of my beliefs. So, I watched the primary debates, the news, and read article after article about Trump and my candidates exchanging jab after jab. As the months rolled by the choices became fewer and fewer. Finally it came down to the last few: Trump, Cruz, and Kasich. Kasich was out of the question. Trump was out of the question. Come on Cruz! Dang it! How in the world did obnoxious, loud, belligerent, flip-flopping, pretend Republican, Donald J. Trump, win the Republican primary and become the nominee for President of the United States?

Turn to the Democratic primary process. Socialist, Bernie Sanders, or life-long political hack and multiple investigatee, Hillary Clinton. I watched the debates and thought, well, I may be able to get behind Bernie…maybe. He doesn’t really share many of the same views as I do but I thought he would be a better choice than Hillary or Trump. But, after only a few debates and months, Bernie was done.

After both conventions, I watched the news religiously. I follow all outlets and read as many articles and Twitter feeds from all sides as I could. I engaged in debates with friends and family and strangers alike. I watched the investigations into Hillary unfold. I watched Trump make ludicrous statement time and time again.

Then came the leaks.

That was a game changer for me. Actually seeing some of the horrible things that were being said about other candidates and Americans made me sick. How could anyone possibly support a woman who surrounded herself with these kinds of people? How could anyone vote for a person who casually handles our country’s most valued information with such carelessness?

I started paying more attention to what Trump was saying underneath the inartful and sometimes offensive way of saying it. I started to compare what he was saying to what Hillary was saying.

Some of my strongest views are about late-term abortion, punishing the wealthy for being wealthy (which I am not), lying, and our economy.

Late-term Abortion

During one of the debates, Hillary Clinton stood on that stage and defended a woman’s right to abort her child up until birth. She stood there and excused the barbaric procedure of ripping apart a child as part of her argument for “choice”. (I will not get into the debate about abortion or a woman’s right to have an abortion. I will say that I am not completely opposed to abortion as long as it is not used in lieu of birth control or performed in the 3rd trimester with the exceptions for the life of the mother or child). So that was a big deterrent for me with Hillary. Trump came out in support of defunding Planned Parenthood and defended a child’s right to life so he got a plus.


I am not in any way nor have I ever been financially wealthy. My family and I struggle on a regular basis to save money or improve our way of living. We are not poor by normal standards but we do not have the ability to live outside of our tight budget. Despite of my financial situation, I do not loath or am I jealous of wealthy individuals or families. I believe in rewarding hard work with increased success and encourage my children to strive for greatness. With success, usually, comes increased wealth. Democrats, in general, promote a form of punishment for success. Higher taxes than the rest of the country based upon your success seems like a punishment to me. Some politicians have promoted as high as a 90% tax rate for the “rich”. The category of being rich can be for anyone making as little as $250k a year. That really isn’t that much money in this country. Hillary likes the idea of rich people “paying their fair share” and that is an unpleasant thought for someone who wants to be rich one day. Trump has encouraged tax cuts for the job creators. That means more money to pay more employees. More employees means more money spent. More money spent means a better economy.


I will not claim that Trump has been honest with anyone 100% of the time. He has lied about many things over the years and this election cycle. I am not naive. However, I have never seen a politician lie, cheat, and obstruct as much as I have seen come from Hillary Clinton. From before she ever held any elected office, she has been known to have been involved in multiple corruption scandals. Her husband, with whom she has stood by and supported over the years, was impeached as President. She held a Senate seat in Congress and became Secretary of State after running a horrid and brutal campaign against President Obama in 2008. During her time as SoS she made mistake after mistake and ended up being investigated for one of those mistakes. Then the New York Times exposed her and her staff for maintaining a private email server in her home while serving as Secretary of State and putting our country’s national security at risk, in the name of convenience. Instead of owning her mistakes and apologizing, Hillary tried to obstruct an investigation and lied to the American people every time she was asked about her server. It was only when she thought the lying and obstruction was starting to affect her chances of winning the Democratic nominee, did she admit her mistake. This lying and attempts to hide her actions from the very same people she was trying to get votes from was the last straw for me. Trump may have lied about some comment he made 20 years ago or flip-flopped on an issue but he had not lied about something as serious as keeping an unsecure server containing classified information in his basement.


The economy is very important to most Americans. If you have money and want to spend it or save it then you should care about the economy. When the economy is suffering, prices soar, the value of the dollar falls, and jobs become scarce. Trump may not be a career politician with years of experience in office but he is a successful businessman with billions of dollars in assets and funds. He owns many businesses worldwide and most of them are extremely profitable. Yes, he has filed for bankruptcy. That does not necessarily mean he sucks at his job. As a business owner, he is responsible for making choices and taking advantage of the existing laws and benefits this country has to offer. Paying less taxes is a smart business decision. We all try to pay less taxes. Anyone who claims that they have never tried to claim a deduction or a tax break and have always paid the maximum amount of taxes they could each year is a liar. The same concept applies to bankruptcy. Many businesses file for bankruptcy each year. They do this, not because their business is failing, but because it is a beneficial tool that businesses can use to reduce their debt. To individuals this is a bad choice because it looks bad to have bankruptcy on your record but for a business it can be the difference between failure and prosperity. I do not fault companies that use this practice. I many not agree with its use but I cannot fault a business for making good business decisions. Trump’s ability to make wise business decisions to keep his companies’ profitable and employing thousands of people all over the country can be applied when he is POTUS. Someone who understands the economy, global markets, and what it takes to increase profitability is a great asset to this nation.

All in all, I made the choice that was best for me and my family. Every voter faces a decision at the ballot box that affects their lives personally. That decision does not always benefit our friends or others. I have many friends with different views than my own. I know members of the LGBT community who are angry at voters like me for voting Trump. Many are worried that a Trump presidency means they will lose their right to marry. To them I say: This country is tired of fighting that battle. There is little if no support for a repeal of the Right to Marry decision made in the SCOTUS. The old and tired argument against marriage equality is fading fast.

I also have friends of different races who are concerned about their safety under Trump. I do not understand this. Why, under Trump, would you be any less safe than you are under Obama? Because some crazy Klan members threw in their endorsement for Trump then that must mean Trump hates anyone who isn’t white? When did intelligent and logical people start believing everything they hear just because some doomsday liberal said it? Have there never been presidents in the past that you didn’t agree with? Did you fear for your safety then too?

I am ashamed of the response that this election has gotten just because the candidate you supported didn’t win. Protests in the streets right now over a presidential election! Colleges cancelling classes because the students can’t handle the results of the election. People on Facebook and Twitter using hashtags like #NotMyPresident and #FuckTrump. I understand being sad or upset that your candidate lost but this country was built on a fair election process that has worked for over 200 years. I didn’t hear anyone crying about the process when President Obama was elected. I did not support Obama but I whined about it for a couple of days and moved on. Why is this election so different? What is a protest going to do? Your vote was your voice but our voices were just louder this time. It happens. Get over it. There will be another election in four years and you can try again just like we did.

This country is more divided now than it has ever been and that scares me more than a President Trump ever will. Until people start waking up and realizing that unless we come together force this government to work for the people instead of against the people, we will never fix anything. And until people stop blaming each other for their problems and start advocating for themselves they won’t be happy. My vote was not about you; not even the issues that are important to you. My vote was about me, my family, and my future. I may care about you as a friend or as a person but your life is yours and I will not sell my vote to you so you can be happy while my family suffers. Vote your conscience and I will vote mine. I will not attack you for your choice and expect the same.


A Real Contradiction

I am a true and confusing Contradiction to almost every person I debate on social media.
To most, I’m a conservative who hates Mexicans,  Muslims, and black people. I hate The Gays and hope they burn in Hell for their disgusting sins.
I liked G.W. Bush as president while I was serving in the Army and deployed to Iraq during the kickoff of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.
I’m obviously very racist and a war monger.
I love to own big guns that shoot 200 rounds per second so I can hunt and also be ready for the occasional shooting in a public place, of course.
I think all immigrants should go back to where they came from and hate the current President,  Obama,  because he’s black and he talks all uppity.
I have a rebel flag on my truck and in my window at home. 
I get up everyday, drink some booze and smoke some weed and cigarettes while beating my children  right before we head to church. Then go home afterward to my trailer park home and barbecue chicken and ribs with beer while listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd blared up real high.

Sound about right to all you liberals?

Reality check:
I am a multi ethnic white woman who has no racism in my mind or heart. I don’t hate anyone that hasn’t personally given me a reason to hate them.
I absolutely agree with LGBT being given the same rights to marry and love who they love just like the rest of us. I am bisexual, myself.
I did like Bush as my president while I was in the military because he treated us with respect and compensated us more fairly based on the hard work that we do instead of what some politician thought was okay. 
I don’t go to church. I’m actually not a religious person. I am noticing as I get older that I may be more agnostic than anything.  Church is a business used to take money from believers. I’ve seen a lot of religious people being hateful and full of sin so I believe it is a personal decision and practice if you are a Christian.
I don’t ever use religion to deny anyone anything and don’t agree with those who do; although their rights say they can choose not to go against their own morals and beliefs. But that’s a whole new post.
I do love guns but don’t own any at the time. My family comes before the guns we’d like to purchase so for money reasons alone we decided to wait. I believe people should be allowed to buy guns as long as they pass a rigorous background check system, a repaired and previously flawed system. 
As for immigration, I think our country has a lot of leaks in the boat. You don’t take on more weight when your ship is filling up already through the leaks. I think we need to fix the system and then talk about getting rid of criminal immigrants and making current law-abiding immigrants run the system full of fines, testing, educating,  and starting at the bottom for benefits and jobs.
I do not like Obama but only because he’s making very bad choices for this country and it’s making things worse. He was elected because of the color of his skin to prove something to everyone from every ideology that it could be done without regard for experience or ability.  I do not necessarily care for Trump, at all, but if he was the only other name on my voting ballot with Hillary , I’d either vote Trump or rip up my ballot and walk out. I’m still not sure. I don’t do drugs. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I do like to barbecue though and I do live in a brand new mobile home we purchased last year with a large piece of property.    
I do own a truck with a veteran license plate and a veteran sticker in the window. No flag though.
I hate abortion but think it should be allowed only in emergency cases and/or for one time per woman when she realizes she made a mistake. I empathize because I’ve been there. But I wouldn’t do it again. I’d do everything to prevent it even if it meant quadrupling protection methods.
I’m pro death penalty for violent sex offenders, murderers,  and other violent crimes. Something inside a person breaks when they kill or rape someone.  You can’t rehabilitate that with 100% trust it won’t happen again. Why waste 25 years, 24 hours a day, 3 meals, showers, beds, electricity, etc on those people when there are innocent civilians and Veterans homeless on our streets.

I think we need less regulations on social issues such as gay marriage and less anger over gay wedding cakes. Let people love who they love and leave them alone.

I think false victim hood perpetuates the unwillingness to work hard for what you have. Always blaming the system or someone else isn’t ever going to help you move up in the world.

I think we need to focus money on things we can actually accomplish to help real people instead of studying the effects of pig farts on the ozone.

I say all of this because I realized today that all conservatives are labeled as the first set of stereotypes but that we are all different. We don’t blindly follow one party or ideology. Some of us can engage people we disagree with without insulting or screaming but rarely get it in return. So this is me. This is how I think. Briefly. Stop worrying about who you can be friendly with based on their ideology or beliefs and start worrying about how you can find some common ground and understanding to build on to make things better.

*typed from my cellphone so pardon any errors*

I’m too pissed to write…

For those that actually follow and read my blog, you might be wondering where the heck I’ve been; why I haven’t been keeping up on my posts here.

I have had some big changes in my personal life recently which included my oldest son moving to Texas from Ohio after 13 years of living with his dad. This has been a wonderful thing for me and my family and I have been enjoying his company on a daily basis.

The other reason I have been so quiet lately is that I am one pissed off chic. I can’t believe that our government is getting away with, or attempting to, the lies and deceit to the American people. Our, totally honest and trustworthy, president has lied to us for the last three years about his signature legislation while the media covered for him the whole time.

Only now, after the healthcare.gov site failures have grown too big to ignore, has the media, democrats, and other supporters of this administration decided to listen to what conservatives and republicans have been saying the whole damn time!

This is why I am so quiet. There’s not much to say. I’ve said it all before. Nothing has changed. The same arguments and same ridiculousness is still running rampant in our political system. Why continue to say the same things over and over when the fight is rigged?

I’ll be back. I just have to figure out how to get past the infighting within the GOP/Conservative movements and the blinders from the media and democrats on this administrations lack of honesty and leadership.


Salesman-In-Chief says: Obamacare is really great, guys! Honest.

Today, our country’s president got up in front of America and infomercial’d the population regarding the “Affordable” Care Act. He spent 25 minutes doing a sales pitch and trying to minimize the importance of the website ‘glitches’ in relation to the actual services provided. At several points during the presentation, he expressed how upset he was that the website didn’t work and told us that that meant it would definitely be fixed…because now that he’s mad about it, shit will get done ‘n’ stuff.

Since the healthcare.gov site is experiencing so many problems, Mr. Obama gave us the totally awesome phone number, 800-318-2596 (800-F1UCKYO) to call so we can all be blessed with really great and affordable coverage. Unbeknownst to him, the phone line must be linked to the website or something because it is just as useless. The phone line seemingly crashed and is now being answered by call center reps that tell the public that their system is down for the next 48 hours or so. They also stated they have no information other than what is provided to them in the scripts provided by keying in search terms into the system they use. (Hannity Radio Show, Oct. 21, 2013)

Shortly after the phone issues began, Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services Secretary, tweeted information about the 4 different ways consumers can apply for coverage under Obamacare. Oddly enough, the first two methods in the list are not available to anyone because of utter incompetence in the process used to write code for the website and/or the call center’s access. So, what’s left? Applying in-person or mailing in an application. Seriously?

So, back in 2008 and every year since, when some states were trying to prevent voter fraud through voter ID laws requiring a valid, government-issued ID to be presented in order to vote, democrats said that was totally racist and disenfranchisement of minorities and poor people. Now that it is for something that the left supports, they are totally okay with making people get in their cars to travel down to some government office to sign up for a government service AND show ID in order to get it? Obtaining an ID, being offered free of charge in most cases, is worse than making people sit in a waiting room for hours while waiting to sign up for a service that may or may not actually be affordable? Who cares if they are missing work or don’t have their own car to get there. What a joke.

I don’t even have to go into the silliness of HHS Secretary and President Obama advising people to sign up via USPS. It would take as long to sign up through the mail as it has for the government to get its own website ready for the public.

Having the leader of the free world get on national television to give the country a sales presentation about a law he passed with hyper-partisanship and touted as the best thing to be offered since sliced bread is really bad. If it is such a great thing, why is he having to pass a law to get people to sign up for it and why is he getting on t.v. to sell it?

When a great product is introduced to the world, people flood to the stores to buy it because they like the maker, the gimmick behind it, or the quality of service they receive from it. Apple only has to mention they are releasing a new phone before people are camping out in front of stores to get one. Even Sesame Street characters are more popular than Obamacare seems to be. I remember people fighting each other just to get their hands on a Tickle Me Elmo. The only reason the ACA website gets so much traffic right now is because the media has been logging on multiple times a day and nobody wants to be punished for not purchasing a product that the government says they are required to buy. Can you imagine a law that told people they had to buy an iPhone by December 31st or be taxed (fined) thousands of dollars?

Now that the ACA website and implementation problems are not being overlooked because of the government shutdown, I wonder if the White House will propose a delay of some sort? I really hope that Republicans in Congress hold their ground if this does happen. The GOP asked for a delay which would have given Obama and democrats an easy way out of having to ask for it and giving them time to fix the bugs before the next public roll-out but they chose to get all stompy feet instead. Now, they have to face up to their failures and admit they weren’t ready without the backing of the GOP in Congress. I hope they make the democratic led Senate and White House beg for a delay. Because we all know that was a completely reasonable plan during the shutdown but they didn’t want to budge because they didn’t want to be seen as negotiating.

Delay, defund, repeal, burn, or whatever you have to do to this law, Mr. President, but don’t tell us that your product is so wonderful when everything points to the opposite.

P.S. My cellphone and cable bills are not affordable, President Obama. Not sure when you paid your own cellphone bill last but you obviously don’t know they are pretty damn expensive. Ya might wanna rethink comparing your ‘baby’ to our cellphone bills.

Oh goodness, I’m so glad the shutdown is over. It was ruining our lives!

Now that the government shutdown has ended, I want to know what was lost that we now have back. The news, on every station, every website, and social media are all leading with details about the shutdown being over and government agencies getting back online. So far, I haven’t really seen anything substantial that we missed out on that we couldn’t have done without for a couple of weeks. Maybe if it had lasted for a month or more, we would have felt it more. Let’s run through it, real quick.

Panda Cam

Video Capture: Tai Shan and Mei Xiang

Panda Cam at National Zoo

The panda cam is back?! Oh, thank God! I know millions of Americans were hurting because they couldn’t get their daily dose of a baby panda sleeping next to its mother. Did you catch my sarcasm? I hope so because I was laying it on pretty thick. The fact is that many people didn’t even know there was a panda cam. I didn’t. Would you like to know why? Because it doesn’t matter! My life is not made better or worse with live video of a panda family at the National Zoo. Yet, the news has insisted on making it one of the “Woo Hoo”‘s of the shutdown ending. I’m sure they are really cute and all but a government shutdown that led to a camera being turned off is not news, people. Really.

Barricades Removed

Vets Cross Barricades During Government Shutdown

Vets Cross Barricades During Government Shutdown

The barricades and little road cones that the government set up around national parks, memorials, and “oooh look”‘s weren’t really doing anything but pissing people off, were they? Was our country so severely affected by a few gates and plastic cones that we couldn’t go on with life anymore? No. All those barricades did is create more unity with our veterans and communities that support veterans’ ability to visit the memorials that are dedicated to them and their fallen friends. Nobody cared that the barricades were there except that they were put there just to prove a point.

Reschedule those appointments

I’m not even kidding here. One of the reports I saw on the news said that people will have to reschedule appointments they had with government agencies. The horror! Not only did your appointment get cancelled but you have to call and reschedule it too?!!!

Home buying delays

This, I thought, had to have been a joke. Buying a house could be delayed by up to 2-3 weeks! Can you believe that? Me either. I have nothing else to say about this. I just can’t.

Furloughed Employees Return

After spending two weeks at home, chilling on the couch, going to the beach, or whatever it is that government employees do on their paid vacations, they have to go back to work today. Did they miss out on anything? Well, most employees of the government are paid twice a month. That means they get their pay deposited on the 1st and the 15th of the month. Since the shutdown didn’t occur until the 1st, they would have received that paycheck just fine. The 15th of the month was just two whole days ago. That means their pay will be delayed by a few days, at most. ImageOn top of that 3-5 day delay in their pay, most of them are complaining that they have to go back to work. That’s right, folks. They enjoyed the paid time off. Imagine that! Let’s, also, not forget that since they were off for two weeks, no new applications, paperwork, etc was processed so it’s not like there’s a pile-up of work that kept coming in while they were off. I don’t see much suffering going on here.

Call me insensitive. Call me one of those horrible conservatives that only cares about the rich or something. But, don’t ever call me someone who is sympathetic to a government that tries to manipulate, guilt trip, and spin the facts so it’s constituents will think the shutdown was so terribly horrible for the country. A default, I agree, would have been bad but, the shutdown? Not for the length of time that it was in place.

Nice try, though.