A&E Suspends “Duck Dynasty”, Phil Robertson; Takes Away His Freedom of Speech


Let me start this off by saying that I don’t agree with Phil Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” when it comes to his beliefs about the LGBT community. However, I believe that this man, who has never tried to pretend to be anything other than what he is: an old-fashioned Southerner with strict Christian views, has the right to have those views. It is one of his freedoms as a United States citizen. He has made his views clear to viewers before. There is no denying his is a Christian with strong Christian views.

ImageNow that I have that out of the way, I want to ask the LGBT community, the executives at A&E, and anyone else who thinks the decision to suspend Phil was the right think to do: Is it right to silence someone for their beliefs just because they aren’t your beliefs? Did Phil use a slur or trash anyone who is gay? No. He simply stated that he did not agree with the act of being gay or lesbian and that he thought being heterosexual was better.

Is it not Phil’s right to believe whatever he wants to believe? Isn’t it his right to speak freely without being unfairly silenced by some liberal nutcases at a television network? What is wrong with A&E letting the viewers decide how they feel about Phil’s remarks through that little thingy we call *ratings*? If the ratings drop because of what someone on the show says, then by all means, do what you gotta do. Taking away the opportunity for viewers to make their voices heard is wrong and, frankly, pretty douchey on their part.

So I think anyone who thinks that we should all have the right to believe what we want to believe, even if it isn’t popular, to stand with Phil Robertson for his right to speak freely and practice his religion without persecution.

#NoMoreAE #NoPhilNoShow


5 thoughts on “A&E Suspends “Duck Dynasty”, Phil Robertson; Takes Away His Freedom of Speech

  1. I applaud both you and Phil Robertson for speaking your minds. Not only their ‘off-the-wall’ antics but the end-of-show prayers and family meals were greater draws to Duck Dynasty for my family and I. It is the rare commodity that outwardly expresses any religious affiliation/activities in a country that’s strayed away from any religion that’s not muslim/Islam. Were I Willie Robertson~the titular head of the dynasty~I’d have already had a family meeting/vote on siding with Phil; secondly, to start shopping the show/company to other networks. I think the network has cut it’s own throat by bowing to “the ‘happiness’ community” (I remember when “gay” meant happy), when quite obviously 9++million viewers very well MIGHT think like me and mine.
    Again, way-to-go, “Chic-ie Poo”

  2. Thank you! Who do the execs at A&E think they are to restrict a US citizen’s right to speak freely? Yes, our words have consequences, but restricting the right to use those words is not permissible under any circumstance, period.

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