Oh goodness, I’m so glad the shutdown is over. It was ruining our lives!

Now that the government shutdown has ended, I want to know what was lost that we now have back. The news, on every station, every website, and social media are all leading with details about the shutdown being over and government agencies getting back online. So far, I haven’t really seen anything substantial that we missed out on that we couldn’t have done without for a couple of weeks. Maybe if it had lasted for a month or more, we would have felt it more. Let’s run through it, real quick.

Panda Cam

Video Capture: Tai Shan and Mei Xiang

Panda Cam at National Zoo

The panda cam is back?! Oh, thank God! I know millions of Americans were hurting because they couldn’t get their daily dose of a baby panda sleeping next to its mother. Did you catch my sarcasm? I hope so because I was laying it on pretty thick. The fact is that many people didn’t even know there was a panda cam. I didn’t. Would you like to know why? Because it doesn’t matter! My life is not made better or worse with live video of a panda family at the National Zoo. Yet, the news has insisted on making it one of the “Woo Hoo”‘s of the shutdown ending. I’m sure they are really cute and all but a government shutdown that led to a camera being turned off is not news, people. Really.

Barricades Removed

Vets Cross Barricades During Government Shutdown

Vets Cross Barricades During Government Shutdown

The barricades and little road cones that the government set up around national parks, memorials, and “oooh look”‘s weren’t really doing anything but pissing people off, were they? Was our country so severely affected by a few gates and plastic cones that we couldn’t go on with life anymore? No. All those barricades did is create more unity with our veterans and communities that support veterans’ ability to visit the memorials that are dedicated to them and their fallen friends. Nobody cared that the barricades were there except that they were put there just to prove a point.

Reschedule those appointments

I’m not even kidding here. One of the reports I saw on the news said that people will have to reschedule appointments they had with government agencies. The horror! Not only did your appointment get cancelled but you have to call and reschedule it too?!!!

Home buying delays

This, I thought, had to have been a joke. Buying a house could be delayed by up to 2-3 weeks! Can you believe that? Me either. I have nothing else to say about this. I just can’t.

Furloughed Employees Return

After spending two weeks at home, chilling on the couch, going to the beach, or whatever it is that government employees do on their paid vacations, they have to go back to work today. Did they miss out on anything? Well, most employees of the government are paid twice a month. That means they get their pay deposited on the 1st and the 15th of the month. Since the shutdown didn’t occur until the 1st, they would have received that paycheck just fine. The 15th of the month was just two whole days ago. That means their pay will be delayed by a few days, at most. ImageOn top of that 3-5 day delay in their pay, most of them are complaining that they have to go back to work. That’s right, folks. They enjoyed the paid time off. Imagine that! Let’s, also, not forget that since they were off for two weeks, no new applications, paperwork, etc was processed so it’s not like there’s a pile-up of work that kept coming in while they were off. I don’t see much suffering going on here.

Call me insensitive. Call me one of those horrible conservatives that only cares about the rich or something. But, don’t ever call me someone who is sympathetic to a government that tries to manipulate, guilt trip, and spin the facts so it’s constituents will think the shutdown was so terribly horrible for the country. A default, I agree, would have been bad but, the shutdown? Not for the length of time that it was in place.

Nice try, though.


3 thoughts on “Oh goodness, I’m so glad the shutdown is over. It was ruining our lives!

  1. Having been furloughed before, it can suck. (Mine was a state mandated furlough in NC, when Gov. Perdue was practically writing IOU on our pay stubs.)

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