Apparently government shutdowns cause insanity in our elected officials

The shutdown of our federal government system has gotten everyone in a finger-pointing frenzy that is just plain silly. Republicans and Democrats, alike, are blaming each other without taking responsibility for their own actions that have led us here.

When Barrack Obama was elected in 2008, we were told there would be change. Real change to the system that has been broken for so long. He promised us that he would end the cronyism in D.C. and save our economy from disaster. During his last five years in office we have seen nothing but the same things we were suffering from before. The crony politics is just as bad, the economy is still struggling to pull out of the free-fall it was in, the bipartisanship is still nearly nonexistent, and the government that we elected still refuses to listen to what we want instead of what they want.

This shutdown is the result of our government, led by a Democratic president and senate, failing to manage its money like the rest of the country’s citizens. Despite the law requiring our government abide by a budget that they must pass each year, they have decided to forego the budget process and live paycheck to paycheck through the use of Continuing Resolutions that last for a few months at a time.

Each time we hit the next deadline, the Congress acts as if it is a surprise that the deadline has come and scrambles to get what they want by bullying one another just days before the deadline that will shut down our system. Now, we are at yet another deadline that has come and gone with no budget or reasonable negotiations for a budget anywhere in our future.

Democrats argue that Republicans are holding our economy “hostage” and are deploying “terrorist” tactics to get what they want. However, they seem to forget that they are also not willing to negotiate on any type of spending plan and have not successfully passed a budget for 5 years! It is interesting to me that they would seemingly forget that fact and ignore that we would not be in this shutdown and battle over money if they had done their duty to negotiate a budget that would keep the country on track.

Republicans, on the other hand, are making their stand and motivating people to fight for fiscal sanity. Or are they? Republicans in congress have sat by, doing nothing, this whole time just like the Democrats. They only fight when the deadline approaches and pretend it isn’t important the rest of the time. They use unrelated issues to force Democrats to negotiate but, instead, only make them dig in deeper.

Both parties need to wake up and start governing as if they actually care about this country and its people. Stop ignoring the responsibilities you were given when you were elected and face up to the problems we still have. You have calendars, I assume? You can tell time, correct? Stop pretending these deadlines just snuck up on you and start preparing for them and working together to avoid things like this shut down. Don’t sit around, stomping your feet that you aren’t getting your way and refuse to negotiate with “terrorists” as if your colleagues have somehow forced you to do something dangerous or irrational. It’s a budget. We all have one. We know what bills we have to pay and how much money we bring in. We all live within our means. Why can’t you?

Last point, then I will stop:

Since you ignored the deadline that was quickly approaching and decided to fight about it at the last-minute and forced us into this shut down, stop acting like you won’t budge on negotiations unless you get everything you want. If the other side is willing to work with you on one thing at a time to get our government running again, take it! Most of us don’t care if you piece the government back together one piece at a time as long as you do it responsibly and in a bipartisan way. Don’t sit around in press conferences telling reporters that you won’t fund cancer care, veterans, or open national parks just because you want the other side to do it your way! If they are willing to give you some of what you want, stop being stubborn assholes and work with them! We are all watching you and demand that you stop the insanity and work together! No piece of legislation, reputation, or election is so important that you should forfeit the will of the people for yourself!


2 thoughts on “Apparently government shutdowns cause insanity in our elected officials

  1. Okay so we all know from polling (every man, woman, child and invertebrate has been polled it seems) that the public broadly supports the Dems on the gov’t shut down / healthcare circus. And we kinda know that they support the GOP on the debt ceiling issue if they manage to frame the argument as being about “fiscal responsibility” and spending etc.

    So theoretically the first battle should have been settled in the Dems favour and the second one in the GOP’s favour. The war playing out in a 1 – 1 draw.

    Theoretically. Because an interesting thing may very well happen on the way to next month’s circus.

    The budget debacle (in which polling shows the Dems should win the battle for popular opinion) is STILL not resolved and the debt ceiling fight is about to start in earnest.

    Thus it seems that the two battles will now become one MEGA battle (revolving around both issues) in which the winner takes all.

    This could be VERY interesting. Mainly because just as the public supports the Dems on the budget / shut down issue, they broadly support the GOP on the debt ceiling issue. So if the two fights turn into one BIG fight, who will the public end up supporting?

    This battle is turning into a winner-takes-all Super Bowl of political warfare.

    Boehner has made it clear that he wanted to avoid the shut down confrontation (which he knew was a loser in terms of public opinion) in order to save his ammo for the debt ceiling crisis, which is he thinks he can win. And he may kinda sorta get what he wants now as the shut down / ACA fight carries on so long that it merges with the Debt Ceiling fight.

    So who will win this showdown?

    Will the Dem’s be able to make this mega-confrontation all about the gov’t shut down & ACA stuff and win, or will the GOP manage to grab the narrative and make the fight all about the debt ceiling / supposed “fiscal responsibility” and win this gloves-off political cage fight?

    With mid-term elections just round the corner,the stakes couldn’t be higher. The team that wins this mega-fight will triumph in the mid-term elections, and the one that loses this stand-off loses in the mid-terms. Control of the House and Senate will be probably be decided this month.


    Stay tuned!

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