#NavyYardShooting brings out the best of the best of the worst

Today’s Navy yard shooting brought prayers, thoughts, and caring from a nation of citizens that watched the tragedy unfold on television and on social media. Millions tweeted support for the victims and their families and pleas for the media and others to stop the speculation and politicization of the event before the facts were known. But, that didn’t stop the trolls and “never let a crisis go to waste” followers from trying to get ahead of the game and push the political rhetoric.

I took to Twitter to admonish those who were ignoring the victims in order to make it about their favorite political issue. I encountered this gem who decided I would be their stalking target of the day.

In one of my many tweets, I said:

After which I began my interactions with my #1 Fan!

But good ol’ Yahia wasn’t having it! How could you possibly expect anyone to wait until the tragedy’s details are known before making political assumptions? The gall!

Implied Facepalm

And here come the silly accusations because I won’t debate speculation:

Apparently they didn’t realize that I had stopped addressing them directly in any of my tweets and that they were stalking my timeline and responding to me after I had told them they were blocked. Logic and intelligence, people.

But a kind friend who possesses logical thinking skills came to my rescue:

Nooooo! The stupid! It hurts! What part of “blocked” and “go away” doesn’t this nitwit get?!

Spock Lack of logic

Then I made it clear I was not avoiding debate but instead, avoiding debate on a tragedy that was not under control and in which no true facts were released yet. But, all Yahia saw was that I would debate “any day of the week”. Derp!

Hopefully Yahia will learn that words in a sentence are meant to be read and processed as one full statement. Also, I hope that they can find their own humanity and wait until the victims are rescued and/or evacuated and the suspects captured before they attempt to make assumptions and engage in political debate. Time will tell.


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