Obama Attempts to Preserve His Ego by Proposing War With Syria

The Syria of 2013 is very similar to the Iraq of 2003 with one major differentiating factor: the Commander-in-Chief calling the shots. That key factor could lead this country into another conflict with another country but without the support of its citizens or its allies. President Obama basically stomped his foot and told Syria to stop gassing its people or else and Syria laughed and gassed them again just to see what we would do.

English: Iraqi-American, Samir, 34, pinning de...

English: Iraqi-American, Samir, 34, pinning deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein to the ground during his capture in Tikrit, on Saturday July 24, 2004. Samir was the translator for the U.S. Special Forces that helped find Hussein and pull him from his hiding place on December 13, 2003. Samir recently met with U.S. President Bush and thanked him for liberating Iraq. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Iraq, 2003, Saddam Hussein was in possession of WMDs and had been known to use them on his own people. Saddam was an evil dictator that did not care about his country’s people but instead, power and riches. As a result, the internationally community became fed up with his reign and issued an ultimatum that they backed up with force when Saddam thumbed his nose at them. The U.S. led coalition promptly rid Iraq of the man who had tortured its citizens for decades and proceeded to help the country adopt a government that worked for the people instead of against.

Granted, it took much longer for Iraq to become more independent and freer than it had been under Saddam’s rule but, ultimately, the mission was successful. Radical elements still remain in Iraq but the people and the government there are more capable to handle those problems on their own.

In Syria, the government is fighting rebel forces that have been infiltrated by a large number of radicalized Jihadists, including elements of Al Qaeda. Per the reports coming from the war-torn country, the Syrian military has gassed innocent people with deadly chemical weapons, killing hundreds if not thousands. These deadly chemicals come after more than 100,000 Syrians were killed with small arms and explosives over the past years. It has come into question as to whether the Assad regime is truly responsible for the chemical attacks or if the radical elements of the rebellion released the gases in an attempt to instigate a response from the U.S.  There are videos surfacing on the internet that show rebels executing Syrian soldiers and even cutting out their heart and eating it! Are these the people we are supposed to be helping?

Glenn Beck showed a very graphic and disturbing video on his show that would make anyone cringe and second guess who we are supposed to be helping in Syria.  See it here.

Obama and Syria

Obama and Syria (Photo credit: Cory M. Grenier)

Now, our POTUS has lost the support of virtually every ally we have and gained displeasure and threats from the countries that sympathize with Syria. The reason for this? No plan. The President has no clear plan or goal that he can market to the people of his own country, much less the allies that could assist us. Obama’s interest in making statements about ‘lines’ and saving face with his supporters has landed him and us in an impossible situation. Mr. Obama has backed himself in a corner and the only way out is to admit his mistake and take the deserved criticisms and embarrassment on his own -OR- drag this country into a conflict with a country based on intelligence that has been called into question after giving the target country weeks to prepare for our strikes. President Obama claims that these strikes will be precise and will not involve “boots on the ground” but has not told us how he can guarantee this will not turn into a ground war or that Assad has not moved and prepared so well for our arrival that he will have the upper hand. Those precise strikes could turn into complete misses. Then what? If we miss our targets because they were hidden elsewhere, just like in Iraq, what will Obama do then? Will he give up and say “oh well. We missed them. Come on home, boys”? Given the size of Mr. Obama’s ego that has been on display for the past five years, I cannot imagine him allowing himself to be humiliated like that. He will not allow himself to look bad in front of his friends or his enemies. He cares too much about the optics of everything he says and does. Our soldiers will give their lives for our president’s pride.

Oh sure, the advocates for a military strike against Syria are using chemical weapon attacks on children to guilt people into supporting the use of force. I am not claiming that we should not feel sympathy and sadness for those that have unnecessarily lost their lives but I ask why the chemical deaths are less important than deaths due to IEDs, AK-47s, RPGs, or mortars? Why do the 1% of innocent lives lost warrant action but the other 99% are just casualties of war? I believe that if we are using the deaths of innocents as an excuse to take military action than we must include ALL of those deaths and not just those that were a result of a weapon we don’t like because we drew some stupid red line.

How ’bout we take a step back and decide whether this issue is something we really need to get involved with, alone. We are taking all of the risks, all of the expense, and risking valuable relationships with allies we cannot afford to lose. What happens when something happens that DOES prove to have an imminent threat against our own country? Who will we go to for assistance if we are looked down upon by everyone that used to have our backs? It’s not worth it. Not now. Not like this. Get a plan, Mr. President. Right now you are telling us that you said something dumb and now you have to send in the troops because you have to much pride to admit you made a mistake. If you really believe in what you are proposing then why not specify the reasons and how this “precise strike” is going to help the situation. What result will come from us lobbing missiles and dropping bombs? How will your plan make Syria a better place?

We’ll wait for your statement on Tuesday. I am willing to bet it will be more blame shifting and “humanity drew that line, not me”.


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