Bill Clinton Thinks Voter ID Laws Aren’t Strong Enough

In former president, Bill Clinton’s, speech at the MLK 50 year celebration in Washington, today, he stated that no democracy should “make it harder to vote than to buy an assault weapon”.

Mr. Clinton must have been having a lapse in clarity and logic when speaking today because it is an absolute fact that purchasing an assault weapon is much harder than standing in line to vote.

Purchasing an assault weapon requires a person to produce a valid, state issued, picture ID and submit to an extensive background check.

Current voter laws do not even require a person to show a valid picture ID to vote. Proposed laws will ask voters to have, in their possession, a valid form of identification prior to casting their ballot. However, in most cases, the state will have provided this ID, free of charge and assisted the individual in the process, as needed.

I hope this does not mean that Mr. Clinton is proposing than our country adopt stricter voter ID laws that we are proposing already. If so, he will be demonized and ostracized as a racist and voter suppressor trying to keep minorities and old people from the polls.

Even more sad, is the fact that many people have been agreeing, quoting, and cheering on his statement of ignorance as fact. They too, must not realize that our constitutional right to buy and own a firearm is much harder to claim than our ability and privilege to vote.

I’m disappointed in Mr. Clinton and those who believe what he said was so wonderful. I’m disappointed that they believe saying things like this are helpful to any conversation, including that of race and progress 50 years after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have A Dream” speech.

Amen? Truth? These smart people should know better:

But not everyone was duped:

Then @redsteeze totally took it away with logic and hilarity:

But I guess we’ll just keep pretending what Clinton said was totally awesome and factual -n- stuff.


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