Black on White Murder Isn’t Racist Cuz…They’re White, of course

I’m sorry, but I have to rant for a second. 140 characters just won’t do. This rant is mostly directed at the racist morons and race-baiters, intent on the destruction of racism against blacks while inciting extreme racism against whites.

I’m so sick of hearing that there can be no racism against white people. There can be no racial hatred toward white people. The only deaths that can be categorized as racially motivated are those that involve black victims.

This is such bullshit!

Racism is not defined by the hatred of black people by anyone else. NO! Racism is defined as the predetermined hatred/discrimination of anyone else based on the color of their skin or their race. That is my summarization of what the dictionary says. When I point it out in debates about racism, I have actually been told that the dictionary was written by whites and is, hence, whitewashed. I’m not even kidding.

I hate racism. I hate it when it happens to anyone. White, black, hispanic, asian, or whatever…I don’t care what you look like or where you came from. You are a person and have every right to equality. But don’t dare come to me and say that I cannot be discriminated against or be victim to racism just because I’m not black. How dare anyone make that idiotic claim! If you hate me because I’m white, you are a fucking racist asshole! Period.

If a white guy is killed by a few racist kids just because he was conveniently there and white, it is most definitely racially motivated. If a white Vietnam veteran is murdered by two black men for no apparent reason, it is not unreasonable to question the motivations of the perpetrators.

Don’t walk around talking about how there was no justice for Trayvon after he beat the hell out of a hispanic man that killed him, legally, in self-defense. The race baiters twisted and turned the facts of the case just enough so that they could portray a hispanic man as “white hispanic” so they could use it to argue racism. They protested and pushed politicians until they tried him for murder. When he was acquitted of those charges, they protested some more and incited more racism against anyone who isn’t black in order to rally the troops. Now that they have gotten everyone all worked up and hating all whites, they wonder how anyone could accuse any black person of hurting or killing white people because of racism. Blacks can’t be racist, right? Racism is the illusion of power, right? Well, I’m here to tell all you fucking morons that think it is perfectly okay to go around beating up, hospitalizing, or killing white people because nobody would ever think you did it out of racism or racial hatred, that you are all idiots and aren’t doing this country any favors. You are what is wrong with our country. You are the blemish on an imperfect but beautiful face.  You are the stubborn stain on a favorite shirt.

I don’t practice racism toward any other person and I expect for that to be the case with others as well. If you can’t see people for who they are based on their character, actions, personality, attitude, etc because you are too blinded by the color of their skin….take your ass to some small island, far away, and don’t come back. You are the problem and the majority of this country don’t want people like you around. Shut your damn mouth and listen to what you are doing. You are creating the very same environment you claim to have hated when it was happening to black people. You are trying to get revenge on living white people for the acts of people who are dead and forgotten. Everyone in this country is trying to move forward and make positive changes except you!

When whites start rioting, protesting, demanding political action to stop the racism toward them, based on your behaviors and words, what will your response be then? Oh yea, I forgot…RACIST! That’s the only argument you have left now. If we don’t agree with you, we’re racist. Because nobody could ever disagree with a black person based on the merit of the conversation. No. If you are white and disagree with a black person, you’re racist. If you’re white and killed by a black person, you deserved it or it couldn’t have been racial in nature because the victim was white. If you are unemployed, poor, on food stamps, AND white, you’re a dumb redneck. If you’re black, poor, on food stamps, unemployed, you’re disenfranchised and a victim of discrimination.

The double standard has to stop. One day it will backfire and you will all look like douchebags who ruined this country.



5 thoughts on “Black on White Murder Isn’t Racist Cuz…They’re White, of course

  1. I totally agree with your writing here. I keep up on current events and it is so obvious to me what is happening in this country. Unfortunately I see no solution to these issues just more division in this country.

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