Use Your Brain, Not Your Party Affiliation

Watching the debates between Liberals vs. Conservatives, Democrats vs. Republicans, and Libertarians vs. Anyone on social media is very revealing. Although political party affiliation has not changed much in recent years regarding ideology, it seems to have become more of a platform for blind following or defense of the actions or words of political leaders. This intensity is more disturbing lately because of the conversations being raised in the aftermath of criminal cases, terrorist attacks, and government overreach. The narrative of each political party follower defies logic in some cases. It makes me wonder how someone can say some of the things they say and actually think the words they’re vomiting actually make sense. It’s not just happening on the left or the right; its widespread on every front of the political spectrum.

Conservatives and Republicans

While I admit I do lean toward more conservative views in most areas, I don’t ascribe to the fanaticism or extremism that has become prevalent with many conservatives I interact with on Twitter.

Running around screaming about how President Obama is a criminal and should be arrested or impeached is not helpful. One could look at some of the President’s actions and, admittedly, see violations of the Constitution but he is not the first to have been accused of violating rights or breaking laws. Those that are angry and lobbying for the prosecution of Barrack Obama are negating any logical debate being put forth by common sense conservatives or Republicans. Becoming hysterical and screaming about birth certificates does not make people pay more attention to you in a positive way; it just makes you sound psychotic and part of the “right-wing nutjobs” that the left uses as examples of why nobody should pay attention to the right. Ranting about putting Obama in prison for crimes committed as President do not lead others to believe you have anything meaningful to contribute to logical political debate; you just sound like a nutjob. Attacking other conservatives or Republicans that refuse to engage in this “nutjobbery” is just as counter-productive as the initial lack of logical debate. In-fighting and accusations of not being a true conservative or Republican because you don’t agree on every single issue is petty and hurts the chances of the GOP ever taking back the White House or the Senate.

Isn’t one of the conservative talking points that conservatives believe in freedom and freedom of speech and don’t practice the “herd” mentality that you believe liberals have taken up? Why, on earth, is it acceptable then to attack another conservative for not being conservative enough? How does berating a republican lawmaker because they have a difference of opinion on how to solve a problem help get or keep a republican in that seat? Stop attacking each other and try to work with one another on the things you DO agree on and compromise on the things you don’t. Why is that so hard to do within your own party?

When it comes to debate with liberals and democrats, insults and stereotypes do not lead to productive conversations where both sides consider the points being made by the opposition. Telling a liberal that they are stupid or accusing them of living in their mom’s basement is the equivalent of calling them a big poopy-head; it just sounds silly and childish. Yes, sarcasm and satire are sometimes appropriate but name-calling and angry responses only lead to the same from the other side.

Liberals and Democrats

Logical debate with a conservative or republican does not start and end with accusations of racism. It just doesn’t. Stop it.

Constantly accusing the right of being racist because they disagree with the President’s policies or views does not make them racist. Just because there is a black man in the White House does not mean that everyone has to stop doing what they have been doing for 200 years; expressing their opinions and disagreement with government. If you want people to take you seriously, try debating the facts instead of using hurtful accusations to end the conversation. Yes, there are people who are racist or just don’t like Obama because he is black. I don’t disagree with that. But the miniscule number of extremists who feel that way do not represent the whole of the GOP or conservatives. Just like stereotyping on the right, this behavior from the left is offensive and childish.

When there is an obvious and blatant misuse of power, failure of policy, or valid criticism of the President or the people who serve under him, it does no justice to try to overlook or distract from those issues just because you don’t like that he made a mistake or that the other side may have a point. The criticisms directed at G.W. Bush were no more or less valid than those directed at Obama. Trying to excuse every negative of this administration’s actions by placing the blame on the GOP or the previous administration or screaming “Racism!” is just plain hypocritical. There is no way to logically ignore that President Obama has made mistakes. Every president of this country does. Accept his humanity and move on. He isn’t perfect and no amount of blame shifting or false accusations will make him such.

While republicans and conservatives are fighting with each other over how to go about fixing this country’s issues, the left has practiced complete blind loyalty to their party. If a democrat is caught in an adulterous relationship, the left defends that person and uses silly arguments to attempt to excuse the behavior. Alternately, any republican caught in a personal scandal of the same caliber are excoriated by the left, the media, and their own party while demanding their public apology and resignation. Whenever the hypocrisy is brought to light, the left uses the religion and morals of the right to place harsher judgement on their actions than on those of the left. Again, this is double standard and it is wrong.

Don’t be a blind follower

I suggest that each person look at their own personal views and beliefs and decide whether they want to be one of the people who spouts off talking points of one party or another without ever having used their own minds and logic or if they want to be an individual. Is being an individual really so bad? Do we always have to proclaim our loyalty to one party? Political affiliation is not a cult. There are no rules that say we cannot use our brains and decide for ourselves what is best for us. Nothing that I have ever read or seen has told me that just because I am pro-life or believe in smaller government means that I have to hate gay marriage or support U.S. involvement in other countries’ conflicts. There is nothing out there that says we all have to pick a side and defend everything that side says or does. Wasn’t that the purpose of this country’s founders creation of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence? Aren’t we all free to think and feel as individuals and not be required to support a single ideology in spite of our personal beliefs?

It is my hope that the blind followers and extremists on both sides will open their eyes and use their own minds to decide what they believe in instead of excusing the mistakes and words of elected officials just because they have a (R) or (D) behind their name. Politics is not a religion, folks. There is no blind faith involved in how our government works. We see and hear our government officials every day. We have proof of their intentions and beliefs through those actions and words. It’s okay to disagree with someone who is affiliated with your own self-ascribed political party. It’s not blasphemous to speak out against someone who holds a position of power in our government. They are not Gods. They are men and women that WE elected. They will make mistakes. They will fail. It does not mean that we dislike them as a person or for what they look like because we disagree with their job performance. It just means that we don’t like the results we are getting from them and we would like to let someone else take a shot at the job.



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