The Meanss Scandal



In light of all the talk and media coverage of the latest scandals under the Obama Administration, I feel it’s necessary to write a little bit about what “Our Scandal” covers.

In no way am I trying to demean the Benghazi, IRS, or Fast & Furious Scandals. Fast & Furious and Benghazi were horrible and preventable tragedies that took the lives of American citizens. The IRS scandal is a different animal. This scandal shows what too much power and a corrupt Administration can really do. And make no mistake about it, this goes all the way to the very top.

I’m sure there are many adjectives most Americans would use to describe the above scandals. I can tell you one thing though, you haven’t seen or heard ANYTHING YET.

Not only does our scandal cover what has happened to us over the last 4+ years, it also covers information that…

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