Hey, Fox News( @foxnews ), GED doesn’t equal failure

Dear Fox News,

Your constant need to bash a whistleblower that you don’t like by using his GED to discredit him is really offensive to those of us who have obtained a GED and accomplished a lot with our lives.

Snowden’s education, GED, is not even relevant to the story. How on earth does it affect a person’s ability to be successful because they have a GED? How does his possession of a GED influence his need to work in the field he chose or his desire to leak information about government tactics? How does a GED explain any motive or reason behind what he is doing? It doesn’t and your use of it is absurd.

There are millions of people who have been unable to complete high school for various reasons and took the, very difficult, GED test. I hate to break it to you but testing for the GED is not an easy task. Imagine being asked to, correctly, answer test questions based on four years of education that you didn’t get. Those of us who pass the GED test completed high school in four hours, not four years.

If you don’t like what Snowden did, why not examine why he did it instead of how he got in the position with THAT education? Couldn’t it be that he is very intelligent, naturally, and that is how he was able to get the job he held? Also, why is it so hard to believe that a person with a GED could have a security clearance? How does one’s education affect their ability to hold a clearance? The GED is supposed to be the EQUIVALENT of a high school diploma so why can’t we have the same opportunities as those who graduated in the traditional manner?

I hate to tell you, but I have a GED, I served my country honorable, held a Secret clearance, am a combat veteran, and am an intelligent individual who has held leadership positions in the civilian workforce. I guess I’m not supposed to be able to accomplish those things though, right? All because I have a GED.

You or any other person with a traditional diploma are no better than any of us. So, take your stereotyping and insults and shove ’em up your ass!



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