Random Rant About Partisanship, Debate, and REAL Solutions

About a week ago I had an eye-opening experience on Twitter with someone from my own side of an issue. Since then, I’ve realized that I am just sick and tired of the partisan, one-track minded people who claim to want the country to be better…as long as it meets THEIR strict guidelines.

This country fought to be free from having others’ views forced on them. If you are one of the ignorant pissants trying to say the only way our nation will be great is if we follow one ideology’s rules, you need to move. Yes. I went with a cliché “move if you don’t like it” statement.

Republicans, conservatives, Democrats, and liberals are all freaking out, in their own ways, about the scandals, government overreach, abortion, immigration, etc right now.

How about we stop fighting about what we believe and start talking about how we can create solutions to our problems?

If you’re a liberal, you already know what conservatives stand for so why are you fighting about it? The same goes for conservatives and liberal views. Why are you sitting around mocking and screaming about one another’s viewpoints like it’s the first time you’ve heard them?

The majority of conservatives are pro-life, believe in limited government, are against gay/lesbian marriage equality, want lower taxes, etc, etc, etc.

Most liberals want bigger government, have little issue with higher taxes if it means more social assistance and education for the poor, are pro-choice, for marriage equality regardless of sexual orientation, etc, etc, etc.

Why are you all fighting on the principles that everyone knows you have?

  • Instead of arguing about whether abortion should or shouldn’t be legal, why not accept the fact that abortion is not going anywhere, as much as you might hate it, Conservatives. It has been ruled as a right for all women to have an abortion. Yes. I agree with you that this sucks, but no amount of whining or complaining is going to change it. So instead of acting like we’re going to make it go away if we just scream about it long and loud enough let’s talk to pro-choicers about it and why it is so widely used and how we can reduce it? Why not discuss regulating the clinics that perform them so that they meet the same standards as other medical facilities to prevent more deaths and injuries to women who choose to have an abortion? We might not like it but we aren’t going to stop abortions from happening. Focus on the things that need to be done to ensure we aren’t losing lives needlessly and are reducing the number of abortions. Maybe, if we do it right and talk about what’s really causing the spike in abortions, we can reduce the number so low that the only women who “need” an abortion are victims of sexual assault.
  • Have a problem with the government snooping on your phone records and e-mails? First, make sure you had the same view when it was a Republican president in office. Otherwise, you are a damn hypocrite and need to shut the hell up. Second, it isn’t just this president’s administration that has engaged in this practice so instead of blaming the democrats and Obama, why not examine who knew about it and how long it has been happening and address it from there. This is not a partisan issue. We are ALL Americans and it isn’t just the left or the right’s records being caught in the government’s net.
  • The IRS targeting one political affiliation is outrageous! If you are a democrat or liberal who is saying that the Tea Party and other conservative groups deserved what they got because they oppose big government, take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Now think back to when you thought the Bush administration was doing things like this to you and your party but there was never any proof. Consider this: would you be so quick to blame the victims of the targeting if it was your own party? The very same agency that your party is putting in charge of the Affordable Care Act has been proven and admitted to have been unfair toward one political ideology…just because. Don’t you think you should be upset at the IRS, not the Tea Party? Don’t you think that if it were left leaning groups being delayed indefinitely from attaining that coveted tax-exempt status, you’d be rallying against the White House, Congress, and the IRS? Think about what you say now because I have a feeling it will come back to bite you in the ass during the next Republican presidential term.
  • Oh, and before I forget, can you all just shut the hell up about racism in politics? Both sides look so stupid for constantly pointing out how racist or not racist their party is all the time. Liberals, you don’t have a monopoly on anti-racism so your constant badgering and accusations of racism against conservatives makes you look desperate. If you can’t debate conservatives on the merits of your views and facts, just stop. Calling them racists doesn’t win the debate for you. There are members of every race and religion in both parties. Minimizing and attacking the very same people you are claiming to defend just because they are not democrats makes you look pretty damn stupid. Being conservative and black are not mutually exclusive. It does happen and for you to diminish the character of every black conservative you hear about makes YOU the racist.

Conservatives, this is for you:

  • Why the hell are you so damn upset about human beings who love each other getting married just because they are the same gender? They’re humans! The conservative movement is supposed to stand for constitutional rights and equality for everyone but you’re fighting something that doesn’t even affect you directly! I can understand protesting abortion because it, in effect, is destroying a human life but two women or two men getting married to each other? How does that affect your life? How does that affect humanity? Does their marital status keep you up at night? Are you unable to work, entertain, eat, enjoy your own family just because some same-sex couple got married? In this instance, you are wrong for using your religion to dictate what other people do with their own lives.
  • Remember how upset you are when atheists win cases against displaying nativity scenes at Christmas or deny you the right to live your life the way you’d like because of their lack of religious faith? Well, you are doing the same thing to others WITH your religious faith. God and Jesus never said that it is your job to prevent others’ happiness by telling them how horrible and wrong they are for loving one another. If two women are only happy if they are together, how is that any of your damn business?

I’m sorry if I have offended my many conservative friends but I’ve made it clear before that I DO NOT blindly follow any one political ideology. I think for myself and if many of my views fall on the conservative side, then so be it but that does not mean I will support every idiotic thing conservatives say or do. The same goes for liberals and what views I have that fall on the left side of a debate. Stop being partisan and start being individuals.

I have found that some of the most hateful comments and views come from the extremes on both sides of debate. If you are unwilling to listen to the other side of an issue without using mean-spirited words and verbal assaults then you need to shut up and go sit the fuck down. We don’t need the extremists of either party trying to reframe how our country operates. Only common sense will create logical solutions to our issues. If you can’t think logically, you don’t deserve to speak.

If you don’t like what I have said today, feel free to skedaddle on over to your partisan follower base and complain about me. Everyone knows that preaching to the choir sure is effective. *that was sarcasm, by the way*

I love discussing politics but these things have really been bothering me the last couple of weeks. Especially when people from MY side of a debate felt it necessary to be insensitive and hurtful just to make a point. Grow up, people. We aren’t elementary kids fighting about who was in line first. Names didn’t work back then and they sure as hell don’t work now.


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