The Best of the Best of the Pro-Choice Movement? Wow.

I really tried to avoid these two after the other day’s absurdity but somehow they keep showing up in my Twitter timeline even after I blocked them because they have resorted to trolling the people I follow. When the people I follow interact with them, they’re stupidity is thrown right back up in my face. Of course, my curiosity gets peaked because I know firsthand some of the loony things they say so I get sucked into reading the conversations. They never fail to infuriate and confuse me with their logic. That’s for sure.

Once again, I’m going to show you how silly these two’s arguments are about birth control versus abortion.

According to Lisa, if she didn’t get her IUD a decade ago, she would have gotten pregnant 40 times and had 40 abortions. Did you get that? 40 pregnancies and 40 abortions!

Let me run through that for you…

Lisa is basically saying that if she didn’t have an IUD(no-thought birth control) or maybe the government paid for BC Pill, she wouldn’t use a condom or any other type of prevention measures; not even the ineffective but, at least you tried, method of having your partner “pull-out”. She would just continue to have sex without regard for what would happen and every time she got pregnant, she’d have an abortion. After the first pregnancy and abortion, she wouldn’t have learned her lesson or anything. Nope. She would repeat this cycle over and over again, 4 times a year!

Am I missing something? Is this the type of people that are fighting for women’s rights and the pro-choice movement? Women who are saying that they would have 4 abortions a year without birth control? She actually said that she wouldn’t want 40 babies so she’d have 40 abortions. Nevermind that her math was … WHOA! *36-40 weeks (that’s 9-10 months for the mathematically challenged) of pregnancy divided into 120 months (10 years) does NOT equal 40 children* Well, unless you are having twins and triplets every single time you deliver and are having sex again the day after you have your baby(s).

And without further ado, I give you the logic of the pro-choice movement. These are their most highly regarded treasures and advocates for the cause, I bet.

But WE are the ignorant ones…..

Wait, didn’t Lisa just say she didn’t want 40 kids so she’d have 40 abortions? Family planning????? Really???

I can’t…….I just can’t……. *shaking my head*

Yep, you caught us! We hate birth control. We just like to bitch and complain about things so hey, why not bitch about people being irresponsible and not using their FREE birth control and then having 40 abortions! Makes sense…

And, lastly, let me educate Lisa and Shannon on how Twitter functions. If you are talking to people I follow, I can see what you say, even if I block you, unless you block me back. Also, if you MT me in the reply and the people who I follow/follow me keep the @’s the same, then I’ll get notifications from the conversation. So, if you don’t want me to see what you’re saying, then don’t MT me and consider blocking me, dimwits. Otherwise, shut up and quit your whining.


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