“Never let a crisis go to waste”: Liberals show us all how

A huge tornado hit Moore, OK today, less than 24 hours after tornadoes made their way through nearby areas in OK yesterday.

While the town of Moore is still searching for missing children, family, and friends after the mile-wide tornado ripped through neighborhoods and schools, tearing apart everything in its path, liberal douchebags were on Twitter politicizing the storm to gain points for the President after the last week of scandals have done their own damage.

As of now, 24* people are confirmed to have died in the storm and over 120 more have been treated for injuries. Many children are still missing after their school was leveled and several more were killed inside the school.

I have pulled some of the most sickening tweets I saw in just the short span of an hour or two. These people will do anything to put a political spin on a tragedy that has nothing to do with scandals, bills, votes, or agendas. Instead of being the human beings they play in real life, they’ve chosen to expose the hideousness of their true nature online.

Are you ready to be really pissed off and sickened at the callous comments of those who claim the NOH8, Coexist, and tolerance buzzwords?

Sweet, creator of The Daily Show, struggled with whether to delete this next tweet, so she said many times after being hammered for hours for it and I guess finally did it. But…the internet is forever!


Then there was more but she has decided those didn’t count either. Do over! Um, sorry Lizz, it doesn’t work like that.

Lizz Winstead Tornado disgustingness2

And then began the torrential downpour of hate tweets to Lizz which resulted in her eventual apology and explanation for her hideousness.

Oddly enough for Lizz, she has missed the results of all previous tornadoes in history and so didn’t realize it would be so devastating which resulted in her bad judgement. Poor thing.

And then…as if the demons just…went away, Lizz changed into a human again!

But the total meltdown of all brain functions and humanity continued with this ray of sunshine after EW Erickson made his own bad judgement by tweeting politics in relation to a disastrous act of nature…

Now I will say that I even said something to Mr. Erickson for this tweet since it was inappropriate for Lizz to say something like this, it sure isn’t okay for him to do so just because he is a conservative. Both of them were wrong in politicizing it only minutes after it happened or at all. But, I digress…

Here is that sunshine beam I mentioned earlier getting all up in a wad of nerves and stuff when EW Erickson began making comments about the hate-tweets he was still receiving after his earlier comment and the lack thereof regarding Gosnell’s actions (not sure why he linked the two but it happened so I’m putting it out there).

And of course, let’s not forget the Global Warming crew coming out to tout “Climate Change!” every time a storm rumbles through, well, anywhere. What those on the left of the left who think tornadoes are a new thing that only began once they started tracking Global Warming must have forgotten the nickname of the areas around the site of the devastation. I’ll give them a hint: shmornado shmally.

That’s right! Tornado, friggin, alley, dimwits!

But, once again, they said it so I’m going to give it to you straight.

Oh, did I forget to mention that good ol’ Glenn Thrush is totally criticizing republican members of congress for trying to be fiscally responsible by offsetting the relief aid package for Oklahoma? I mean, who does that?! It’s like so okay to add more money to the budget (which we don’t have), the deficit, the debt, and all that good stuff without finding a way to cover it through cuts or, God forbid, more money from somewhere else! For shame!

So, the long and short of it is that victims don’t matter to political pundits, journalists, or psychotic partisan hacks unless they benefit a party agenda that helps their candidate, official, or state. Newtown was a tragedy that happened because of an individual and it was used to push more gun legislation. Oklahoma yesterday and today was the result of Mother Nature keeping her cycle with a little more fury than normal and it is being used to push unbalanced spending and Climate Change legislation. Do they ever run out of crises to use? Nope. Never let one go to waste, said Rahm Emanuel. 

Well done libs. Well done.

*Updated to reflect accurate death toll being reported today. The number could change again.


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