Media Matters is totally a ‘Research and Information Center’ guys!

Ya know how you hear about or watch shows that have those stalkers that are just completely obsessed with a particular victim’s actions and words? You look think about it and wonder what caused them to be that way.

Well, in the case of Media Matters for America (for people who don’t care about any other view than the liberal side is more accurate), we know who the victim is and we know what the motive is behind the obsessive behavior MMFA is exhibiting.

Congratulations Fox News! You’re the proud owner of your very own “media” stalker! Every journalist, pundit, contributor, or employee of Fox is fair game and susceptible to criticisms from the totally fact-based organization responsible for putting out research and information.

I imagine writers at MMFA sitting at their desks watching Fox News Channel, scanning the Fox website, and reading reports coming from Fox journalists while burning holes in pictures of Megyn Kelly or Bill O’Reilly and laughing hysterically.

The obsession with Fox has grown to absurd proportions lately which raises the question of whether they have gone off the deep end over there?

Just in the last 24 hours, they have mentioned Fox News in almost 50% of their Tweets and have written many stories that contain attacks against Fox personalities and reporters. Yet they claim to be a progressive source for ‘research and information’. Seems like the only thing they’re researching these days is what Fox News is saying or doing and throwing in the occasional jab at their ex-BFFs for doing their jobs and reporting on the scandals plaguing the White House the past two weeks.

MMFA doesn’t seem to mind that everyone knows they hate conservatism, conservatives, and any media outlet that defends the two. Writers and Fellows at MMFA have actually said they hated the right.

The left cites posts from MMFA in debate without batting an eye as if what is published there is the liberal gospel. Then they turn around and claim Fox News is not news because they have a conservative lean in afternoon and primetime programming. MMFA doesn’t just ‘lean’ left. They have leaned, fallen over the rail, and drowned in a sea of leftism.

Here’s the MMFA Fellow that screams the loudest:

And he is sure to retweet the conservative views he hates the most followed by his explanation for doing so…

Research and Information Center for Progressives, huh? mmmk.



2 thoughts on “Media Matters is totally a ‘Research and Information Center’ guys!

  1. What the left won’t talk about in regards to sexual misconduct in the military is that false accusations bought by female military personal against their male counterparts are increasing.

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