Exposing the Complete Lack of Logic From *Some* Pro-choicers…

Yesterday, I was mocked by pro-choicers for posting my views about the Kermit Gosnell conviction and the fact that there are more guilty parties involved in that case than were tried. (Yesterdays post can be viewed here)

I was accused of saying all women who have abortions should be imprisoned when it was painfully clear that I had specified the individuals involved with Gosnell and the babies he was convicted of murdering. But, facts and words eluded these super rational people and so, they only saw my writing as an attack on every woman who chooses to abort a child; ignoring my previous writing where I admit to having had an abortion, myself, and feeling immense shame and regret after.

Of course, I am not advocating for police to run out and start arresting every woman who has an abortion since it is, in fact, legal in most states in some form or another. My blog post and views on the criminalization of abortions was limited to those who participate in illegal late-term abortions, specifically those that resulted in the murder conviction of Gosnell. For each charge of murder and infanticide that Kermit Gosnell was convicted of, those that participated in the crime should be charged and judged by a jury of their peers as accessories to those crimes. Is this really so hard to comprehend? I think not. Anyone who wants to protect women from the “bad ol’ pro-lifers that want to steal uteruses and implant them with embryos” will continue to ignore the laws that those women broke when they brought their babies to Gosnell to butcher, illegally.

*Preface what you’re about to see, let me state that not all pro-choice advocates are this illogical and raging lunatics but there are so many out there that the reasonable ones get lost in the mix.

To expose the intelligence and logic oozing from these anti-baby’ers, I’ve decided to post some of their really logical statements and views. Here goes…get ready to be enlightened:

This tidbit of info she’s citing as fact relates to ALL abortions, not the illegal late-term abortions I was referring to in the link that was originally included (and omitted by her) in the tweet she retweeted. This was the first attempt to take my words out of context in relation to my blog and make her followers think I was saying all women who get abortions should be arrested.

But they totally know what they’re talking about because she definitely read what I wrote and stuff…

Then, apparently, this wonderfully wise “clump of cells” decided to engage in logical debate with another pro-lifer with these:

But don’t expect to have a debate with one of these pro-abortion loons without their friends joining in to try to make you look stupid and uninformed…

This lovely “lady” decided she would start making jokes about how she thinks pro-life people view abortions. Really sad how they think it is funny.

And she doesn’t stop there but even jokes about animal abuse justifications…

And then there’s this little gem who I’ve had the pleasure of engaging with on multiple occasions. She cannot have an abortion debate without bringing in her pal @radioclashings who has so many different Twitter accounts, its hard to keep up but you can rest assured to recognize her by the word ‘radio’ in every handle of every account…

She starts out arguing the right to abortion versus the right to life and seems to be managing okay on her own

But, she didn’t last long before bringing in “radio” girl/clashings/chic or whatever she’s calling herself these days to unleash her irrational attacks

I’d include Shannon’s (radio something or other) tweets but she hides from me after I called her out on her hypocrisy and wild banshee way of debating those she disagrees with…you can look her up on Twitter here

Anyone who may have the bad luck to be on the receiving end of these loons should know that they don’t see logic or facts, reasonable debate, or admission that they no nothing about abortion other than their blind defense of it. Arm yourselves with facts and lay them out early in discussions with people like this because they will twist your words or ignore, completely, what you actually say to turn the issue around on you to make you seem like you hate women.

Having the choice to legally abort your child does not give you the *right* to seek illegal abortion when you can’t afford or can’t decide to get one early on.


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