Kermit Gosnell Is Not The Only Guilty Party

In a perfect world, abortion wouldn’t be legal or wanted because those consenting adults that create a life would accept that responsibility and respect the innocence of what they created. But, it’s not a perfect world and most don’t accept that responsibility, thus abortion is among us, like it or not. However, there are some things I think the abortion rights advocates are ignoring when it comes to situations like those that resulted in the prosecution of Kermit Gosnell. Good ol’ Kermit isn’t the only guilty party. He had help.

Since Gosnell has now been convicted of more than 230 criminal charges, including felony murder, infanticide, and manslaughter, I think it is only fair that we begin the process of identifying and prosecuting those that put those innocent babies into Gosnell’s hands. In any other murder trial, anyone who aids a person in the act of committing a felony would be prosecuted as an accessory. Yet, somehow, there are guilty parties roaming free now, despite the fact that, without them, Mr. Gosnell would not have had the opportunity to murder those babies or the poor woman who died on a dirty table. Why is it that nobody, including the pro-life groups, are calling for the rest of the guilty parties to be brought forward for justice? Could it be that the blame is being placed, solely, on Gosnell because he and those in his employ were the only ones thought to have acted murderously?

I’m going to lay it all out for you. You might think I am going too far or that I am placing blame unfairly but I feel that this case should be investigated and prosecuted the same as any other murder trial would be in which all guilty persons, directly or indirectly, would be punished.

Let’s look at each baby’s eventual demise as a timeline or a story, if you will. You begin at conception, when, let’s call them, Mom and Dad decide to ignore common sense and have unprotected sex. A few weeks later, Mom starts getting sick, having that ‘super sense of smell’, peeing a lot, and whatever else her body has decided she will experience during the pregnancy. At this point, Mom knows or suspects she is pregnant and is trying to figure out if she should tell Dad, if he is still around; and if he is, he may not be thrilled about the unexpected bundle of ‘un’joy. Now Mom is in a predicament and begins to consider all of her options. Should she tell Dad and maybe even her family? Should she abort, give it up, keep it? What to do, what to do? Mom, possibly even looks into the cost of each option as well and begins to save up for whatever she decides to do.

Now we’re at the point where the decision is made. Mom has gone through her ‘options’, talked to whomever needs to know, and hopefully received sound advice and counseling from a professional before making a decision. But, wait…has it been six months already? Mom goes to the abortion clinic she heard was the best and they tell her that they don’t perform abortions this late in the pregnancy but they know a clinic that does. Mom calls the clinic and they tell her to come down for an exam and they’ll talk to her about her options.

Going into Gosnell’s clinic, Mom doesn’t notice anything out of the ordinary right off. Maybe it’s not the most professional looking or the nicest clinic around but she’s hoping they’ll do what nobody else will. It may have taken her this long to make a decision but now that she’s made it, there’s no turning back. They take her back to an exam room and tell her she’s within the legal time frame to receive an abortion, barely (even if she isn’t), and that she can still get it done if she is willing to pay. The cost of this procedure is a lot more than the price she got from the other clinic a few months ago…over $500 more. Mom has a plan to get the money though so she tells the staff member she’d like to go ahead and get the abortion.

Now whether Mom realizes what Pennsylvania state law limits on abortion are or not is unclear. One has to assume that, at some point in the process, a clinic worker, friend, or family member would have told her that abortions after 23 weeks and 6 days are illegal. Through the entire process of being referred to the Gosnell clinic because of their willingness to perform late(r)-term abortions by either another clinic, a person close to them, or through hearsay, it is difficult to believe that Mom did not find out about the legal limit at any point prior to the procedure. But, we’ll come back to that.

Mom gets the additional funds to get the more expensive abortion, somehow, and steps into the Philly clinic as “Mom” for the last time. “Doctor” Gosnell begins the process of ‘evacuating’ the ‘fetus’ which has now developed legs, arms, internal organs with the capability of possibly keeping the ‘fetus’ alive, vocal chords, ears, eyes, and the length and weight requiring the ‘fetus’ to be delivered as if ‘it’ was actually wanted. Once the ‘fetus’ exits the womb of the person who created ‘it’, in a weak moment of irresponsibility, the ‘fetus’ takes a breath, opens the eyes, moves ‘it’s’ arm, or even cries from the chill it feels after being forced out of the warmth it has known for the last six months. Immediately after experiencing life outside of the womb for the first and last time, the ‘fetus’ feels a sharp stabbing pain in the back of ‘its’ neck and instantly loses the ability to do the things ‘it’ had just been able to do a few seconds ago. Life does not end immediately. The ‘fetus’ continues to struggle for life for as long as 20 minutes before finally slipping into the grips of a darkness that feels nothing like the warm darkness ‘it’ was forced from minutes before. The lifeless body of the ‘fetus’ that was never given a chance to be called him or her, newborn, or “my baby” is now just a “clump of cells” in a shoe box waiting to be discarded like garbage.

Mom, if she survives unscathed, is now just a woman who, to anyone who asks, has never been pregnant or had a child; assuming Mom does not already have living children, that is. She goes on with her life, $1000 poorer, pretending like the pregnancy never happened. This woman gets to enjoy life, go to work or school each day, and do the things she used to be able to do without any repercussions other than her own conscience.

Throughout the entire timeframe involved in this late-term abortion, each person who, knowingly, kept silent about the intentions of the ‘mother’ to illegal abort her child is now an accessory to a felony crime. The woman who sought the abortion with, assuming, knowledge of the legal limitations the state of Pennsylvania had placed on abortion is now just as guilty as the “doctor” who performed the procedure. Yet, in the case of Kermit Gosnell, nobody is looking for the women who aborted the babies Gosnell was convicted of murdering. Nobody is seeking the answers regarding who referred those women to the Gosnell clinic. Nobody even seems to care that Gosnell would never have been as successful as he was had he not had “patients” willing to ignore the law and get an abortion anyway.

If a living child is murdered by his mother, the mother and anyone who helped her commit the crime are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law without protest from most of the public. She is seen as a killer, plain and simple. But if a woman decides to skirt the law and abort her child after the legal limitations set by the government in that state, she is ignored and even excused of her actions because she had “no other choice”. What is wrong with our society that we are actually telling women that, as long as the baby isn’t out of her womb yet, it is perfectly excusable to kill him or her? Why is nobody seeking justice for the child from the person who created him or her?

Each count of murder or infanticide that Kermit Gosnell was convicted of warrants further investigation. The women who allowed him to kill their child and paid him to do it are guilty of the same crime, if not more. Paying a man to shoot your husband is illegal so why is paying a man to kill your child okay? A jury convicted a man for killing those babies and the women who delivered their children to him should pay for their crimes as well.

I believe that abortion is here to stay. Regardless of my own personal feelings about the need or morality of abortion, it has become apparent that no protesting or debating will ever rid us of the barbaric act of evacuating a child from a woman’s body because she just doesn’t feel like having a baby right now. In the case of late-term abortions, however, I believe that it is unnecessary for any reason, barring some medical emergency, and should be illegal or at the very least, strictly regulated and enforced.

The Gosnell clinic remained open and free from inspection or intrusion from any government agency for decades despite the complaints and knowledge that they were performing illegal abortions. How many more clinics are being purposely overlooked for political reasons? How many more innocent lives are being ended at the hands of their own mothers and abortion providers? How will we ever know if we do not act to regulate or ban these horrid procedures completely?

Don’t let pro-choice people tell you that the only reason Gosnell was so successful is because abortions are so hard to get! Abortions are legal in Pennsylvania and there were clean, legal clinics within 5 miles of that “House of Horrors”. Kermit Gosnell did not continue his clinic’s operation “outside of the law” like some pro-choicers are claiming. He was so deep into the law that law enforcement completely ignored him. Don’t let them tell you Gosnell existed because abortions are so expensive and should be subsidized to avoid things like this from happening again. Late-term abortions are much more expensive than early abortions so the argument that a woman cannot afford an early abortion but can muster up the funds for a late-term abortion is ridiculous. If she cannot afford a $350 abortion, how on earth did she get $1000+ to pay to Kermit Gosnell?

Every worker or woman who set foot in that clinic and kept silent are guilty of those babies’ deaths and the death of the woman who died during her procedure. Every clinic worker from Planned Parenthood or any other clinic that referred women to the Gosnell clinic after being told by other women, over the years, of the conditions inside of the clinic are guilty of the deaths of the babies and the woman who died there. If we ignore the other guilty parties in this case, we are telling them that it is acceptable to point someone to their death or allow them to kill an innocent life as long as that life is controversial and unwanted.

I, for one, hope our government will wake up and create oversight and regulations that make late-term abortion incredibly difficult or illegal to obtain. Maybe then, those who “choose” to abort their mistakes will learn to make that choice in a timely fashion or not at all.


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