Recent News Dumps Made Liberals Look Silly…Again.

After the IRS news came out today showing that top level IRS officials knew conservative groups were being targeted for further “review” as far back as 2011, I wonder how that ‘conspiracy theorists’ accusation is working for the liberal community? Lets, also, not forget the Benghazi talking points changes and hidden “truths” that Jay Carney had such a hard time explaining yesterday.

But, please, continue to attempt to make conservatives look like they’re making things up and trying to attack the Obama administration with false accusations and conspiracy theories aimed at getting him impeached.

See how that keeps working out for you as the time passes and more facts and reports are released.


I’ll just sit over here watching you all look stupid with your “Obama 2012” stickers on your cars and funny little blinders on your faces. Wouldn’t want to let the facts or logic get in your eyes, would we?






What was the motto you all used last year? Oh yea, it was the length of America’s sentence being imposed by anyone who thought this guy was still good for the country. Great job guys! You must be so proud.



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