You Right-Wing Nutjobs Sure Are Good At Pushing Conspiracies!

Over the past 5 years, conservatives and smart voters of every political party have been trying to highlight the inconsistencies with the statements and actions of President Obama and nearly all of his staff. Any time someone asks why this was done or why he said that, the person asking is attacked by the army of, “you’re a nutjob conspiracy theorist” and effectively left in the ‘fringe’ to struggle and eventually be forgotten.

This has quite literally reached the point of ridiculous with the attack in Benghazi. When the attack happened, almost immediately, Obama and his lackeys pushed out the narrative of an innocent protest spurred the attack because of the hateful YouTube video that was made by an American. Most of us saw through this claim and began to question why the “protest” in Libya was so different from the protests in Egypt? How did a flag burning protest in Cairo lead to a building breaching, heavy weapons using, American killing protest in Benghazi? Why did the protest in Benghazi happen so much later than the other protests and why were they so much more violent?

The days after the attack, we began to hear more and more details that revealed the attack had moved from one location to another and continued to escalate into mortar attacks that led to two more Americans dying while they seemingly waited for help from their own government to escape or fight the attackers. Some help came, but it was too little, too late.

Then, the State Department sent out Susan Rice to tell everyone it was all because of that YouTube video while President Obama went on late-night talk shows and The View to say the same thing. Hillary Clinton stood in front of the flag-draped caskets of the four dead Americans and told the nation that they died because of a video that sparked a violent protest.

Still, the only people asking questions were on the “right” of the aisle or working for Fox News. Only one other news organization had anyone looking into the questionable excuses for the deaths of our own citizens in another country. CBS’s, Sharyl Attkisson, started doing her own research and investigating which eventually led her to the same questions and results that Fox and conservatives were hearing; the president and his administration were lying.

But, still, the liberal media refused to pick up on the obvious facts that refuted what the president had been saying and continued to attack Fox and conservatives with accusations of conspiracy theories and wanting to impeach the first black president. Because hey, if you don’t agree with the president, you are obviously a racist. *See my previous post about using racism in politics here*

Eventually, the administration had to come out and admit that the attack in Benghazi was terrorism but it waited until after the election happened in 2012 and Obama won re-election to say, in essence, “We were wrong. It wasn’t the video. It actually was a terrorist attack.” Well, we already knew this and most of American should have known this but the media and the president’s very effective campaign staff steered focus off of Benghazi and on to what Mitt Romney said during a fundraiser. Obama actually had to get help from one of his media hacks during a presidential debate to make Romney seem like he was lying and trying to politicize the deaths of those in Libya. It worked. Romney lost and America was oblivious to the false narrative being pushed onto their TV screens, radios, and printed media.

Here we are, eight months later, still trying to find out what really happened on that night and the days or weeks beforehand that led to precious lives being lost. Hillary Clinton testified before congress and told them and us that she had nothing to do with what happened and hadn’t covered anything up. She displayed her feigned outrage very well for the cameras at the very thought that she would lie about anything involving dead Americans. President Obama and many State Department officials did the same thing. Getting in front of many cameras and releasing statements in press conferences, Jay Carney, Hillary Clinton, upper level State Department officials, and the president told us that they only said what they said because that’s what they were told.

Well, now we know different. In the most recent congressional hearing, three whistleblowers told America that the only people who EVER thought there was a protest as a result of a YouTube video were the people saying it on TV. From the first minutes and the hours after, the individuals on the ground in Benghazi KNEW it was an attack by Al Qaeda affiliates, Anwar Al Shari’a, and that it was terrorism; plain and simple. They also noted how the days and weeks leading up to that night, there had been many requests for more security that were denied by upper level officials who ignored the previous indicators and attacks that were obvious signs of an impending attack.

One whistleblower was even told by State Department lawyers that he was not to discuss the events of that night with a republican congressman without having a State lawyer present. When he finally had the opportunity to speak with Congressman Chaffetz and no State lawyer was around, he was berated and criticized by his superiors after which eventually led to his demotion to a low-level position.

Officials have tried to keep pushing the “oh those right-wing nutjobs are crazy loons out to get the president and find a conspiracy or cover-up where there isn’t one” but it’s falling apart. More and more media outlets are beginning to report on Benghazi as more and more information leaks out. Today, we learned that the talking points Susan Rice used on the Sunday shows were altered at least 12 times by White House, State Department, and intelligence officials in order to make the State Department look better and avoid embarrassment.

Is this really the kind of government we are excusing? How can ANYONE think it is okay for our government to withhold, lie, or mislead us just to make themselves look good? Are people really so devoted to the historical aspect of President Obama’s election that they will ignore virtually every word or action that would raise questions, at the least, if it were any other president?

There is no justification for lies from our government. No past actions of another president can excuse what this president is doing. Using past acts of Bush or Reagan to excuse and ignore the current administration’s complete lack of trustworthiness is absolutely disgusting. It should not take eight months for the basic facts to come out. Media should not be allowed to ignore a story just because they think republicans are politicizing it. So what if they are? Does that mean the facts are not still there?

I, for one, don’t care who is ultimately held responsible for the lies and lack of judgement surrounding the Benghazi compound and attack as long as they are held responsible. I’m not trying to put the blame on Obama or Hillary just because I don’t agree with their policies or agendas or possible run for president in 2016. I just want the truth and they have not yet given that to us. They refuse to just come out and admit that they tried to make themselves look better during an election and avoid the embarrassment of the American public knowing that they were wrong about Al Qaeda being on the run. We would all, rather, hear the truth about what happened, when it happened, instead of hearing that they tried to turn us into gullible idiots that just blindly accept whatever they say because, hey, ‘Obama wouldn’t lie to us! He loves women, children, and LGBT! He wants us all to have loads of money and free healthcare!”.

Wake up people. Stop being the battered spouses of a man who has repeatedly used your ignorance and forgiveness to push lies and policies that are hurting us.



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