Media Lapdogs in Panic Mode on Benghazi Today…Best Day Ever!

Today, hearings will begin, again, regarding the Benghazi, Libya terrorist attack that resulted in the deaths of four Americans on September 11, 2012.

Immediately after and continuing for the 8 months following the attack, mainstream media outlets, the Obama administration, and democrats, in general, have been chastising Republicans in congress and conservatives for asking so many questions about the attack. If you didn’t accept the “facts” coming from the administration, you were labeled a conspiracy theorist or accused of using Benghazi as political ammunition against the Obama admin. President Obama and Hillary Clinton consistently blamed an anti-Muslim video for the “protests” that led to the attack on the Benghazi compound and even cleaned out any mention of Al Qaeda or terrorism from the “talking points” used by Susan Rice on the Sunday talk shows. During the presidential election in 2012, Obama’s campaign was at risk because of his handling and response to the Benghazi attack so it went into cover-up mode.

However, thanks, mostly, to Fox News, questions were raised about the attempted “cover up” of what really happened. Fox’s Bret Baier, Jennifer Griffin, and others on the network hammered the administration for Benghazi and have never given up the investigation into what really happened there. Although President Obama won the election, the investigation continued.

Today, three whistleblowers with first-hand knowledge are going to testify before congress with information that our government did not do everything possible to save the lives of those on the ground in Libya and repeated untruths, in the days after, to hide what really happened. Additionally, it has been reported that these witnesses will also reveal that Hillary Clinton and possibly even the President may have told military rescue teams to ‘Stand Down’.

The left-leaning media, who bashed Fox News and conservatives for months about the issue, is scrambling to play catch-up while being mocked by the same people they tried to discredit. Reporting on the whistleblowers and Benghazi has increased by outlets such as CBS and ABC. Some on the left have tried to plant a seed of doubt in the minds of their readers or viewers but it does not appear to be taking. They are in panic mode and being forced to succumb to will of the majority to hear the truth.

I wonder if they feel like the idiots they seem to be? I bet not. I’m waiting for the narrative that is, soon to be, coming: “Bush tried to hide facts after the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York so what are you conservatives complaining about?”

My statement to any democrat, progressive, liberal, or other idiot that has been making fun of us for so long is: Shut the hell up! You people let this president get away with anything and everything during the election cycle just to get him re-elected. You have ignored the facts that have been staring you right in the face! So, you have NO right to say crap about it now. Just sit down, shut up, and watch the truth come out and let Fox News have their moment. “Faux News”? No, “Fox ‘Exposing your bias and ignorance regarding anything Obama’ News!


Alan Colmes got on Fox News today and claimed that no military official or anyone who participated in the independent Accountability Review Board that released the report on the Benghazi attack would risk their careers by lying. He believes this is a “political witch-hunt” and talking point on the right to discredit Hillary Clinton before a 2016 bid for the presidential election. He also attempted to blame spending cuts, despite testimony from the official from the State Department that said otherwise.

The uber-left will never believe anything other than the information that vindicates Obama and Clinton from any wrongdoing. Their tireless efforts to blame G.W. Bush for the 9/11 terrorist attack in 2001 have been forgotten because, hey, that was a Republican so he must have been lying, right?


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