Heard about the guy who killed a bunch of babies? Why not?


Meet Kermit Gosnell: Accused of infanticide and murder.
A semi-smile / smirk has remained on his face throughout the entire trial.

If you don’t already know who Kermit Gosnell is, you are uninformed; Not because of your own ignorance, really, but, more so, because the media doesn’t want you to know. The majority of media outlets have all but ignored the trial because it exposes the horrors behind abortion, specifically, late-term abortions.


actual baby found in Gosnell’s clinic with the spine ‘snipped’ shown here. This occurred through the back of the neck.

Are you against killing infants? Are you against letting a baby die after surviving a botched late-term abortion? Don’t think “doctors” and their staff should ‘snip spines’ of babies who survived being aborted and displayed signs of life through movement, breathing, or crying? Do you think a woman should NOT be able to abort a “fetus” after the 24th week of pregnancy?

Well, if you weren’t already aware, there is a ‘doctor’ on trial now in Pennsylvania for doing all of these things. His name is Kermit Gosnell and he ran a Philadelphia abortion clinic which had not been inspected by any government agency, in over 17 years, when it was finally raided, not because of the dirty and deadly conditions or the babies being killed or even the “mothers” who died during their late-term abortion procedures, but because they thought he was giving out prescription drugs illegally. Only then, did they discover what had been happening. All of this, over the period of more than 17 years, went seemingly unnoticed in spite of women, victims, reporting the conditions to Planned Parenthood and purportedly to the health department.

I’m not going to go into all the details here. I am going to suggest you watch the special being aired on one of the few media outlets that has been reporting on this trial since it began months ago. Tune-in to Fox News this evening, May 3 at 9pm ET.  If you don’t have cable news, Google ‘Gosnell’ and read about the trial for yourself. Don’t be uninformed. Don’t let the media keep this story hidden so as not to expose abortion practices. Pro-life or Pro-choice, you cannot defend this guy or what he is accused of doing.

You can read my previous posts and shares about late-term abortions and Gosnell here, here, here, here, and here.

Check out these sites for more info on the trial in its entirety:

LifeNews – Also includes information and videos of the undercover consultations with other late-term abortion clinics that stated they would not save a born-alive infant during an abortion.

Twitchy – Gives complete coverage as reported and discussed by anyone and everyone on Twitter. Very telling and entertaining! **You don’t need Twitter to read from this site.

Live Action: Inhuman  – This group is responsible for the recent undercover videos released recently from other late-term abortion providers. Shocking but informative.

And just for good measure, check out pro-choice activist and super feminist, Amanda Marcotte, and her followers’ views about the Gosnell trial:

On Twitter here.

Some snippets from her timeline:



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