THEY’RE TERRORISTS! Who give a sh*t about their skin?

Wanna see what everyone is so concerned with right now? Yep, you guessed it. If you click the link below, it will lead you to a post that doesn’t talk about the content of a story written about the Tsarnaev brothers, accused of and admitted to bombing the Boston Marathon on April 15th, but instead on the color the artist’s rendition of their skin.

Who gives a shit what color they are? Is this really an issue? That the artist made them look tan instead of pasty white? This is ‘white privilege’?

You people really need to wake up and focus on the real stories surrounding these brothers. I don’t care if they were albino white, pitch black, or khaki brown; they’re terrorists who killed people in cold blood with a kitchen utensil rigged to explode! Why is the left, including and most notably so, David Sirota (@davidsirota on Twitter), sporting around a big ol’ hard-on at the fact that they are white guys? *I should note that I do not actually know if David Sirota has a big hard-on as opposed to an eensy-weensy one which I preferably envision him with*

And since we’re on the topic of David Sirota and most of the lefties out there talking about white terrorists, I should mention that most of the talkers ARE WHITE! White hate perpetuated by white liberals looking to demonize white people. Got it.

This blog, or whatever you call it, highlights the race issue:



2 thoughts on “THEY’RE TERRORISTS! Who give a sh*t about their skin?

  1. When it comes to people emotionally following wild speculations about criminals, before sufficient information is revealed, biases do emerge. Therefore folks who have racist attitudes (anything but white=probably up to something) will initially lay that xenophobia on top of whatever they guess. But I agree with you that’s missing the point.

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