Oh, mommy doesn’t want the baby so its okay to watch it die? Updated.

I’m sorry but this post is going to be a rant I think.

I’m so sick of hearing these abortion “rights” advocates try to justify all abortions, regardless of the stage in pregnancy, based on “women’s rights”! The abortion debate is controversial enough with the different views of when a life is a life without inserting the late-term abortions practice into the conversation.

I cannot, honestly, see any good reason for any woman to decide that, after 6 months of pregnancy and regular prenatal care (assumption), she should have the right to just decide she doesn’t want to go through with giving birth to a life she created. Whether the pregnancy was an accident, a result of a criminal act upon the mother, or just irresponsible behavior, there is no defense for seeking to destroy a life that has grown into a tiny human being with a heart, arms and legs, lungs, a brain, ears, eyes, and possibly, awareness of the outside world. Unless the mother just found out she will die or the baby will be severely and life threateningly deformed, she damn-well better make up her mind about whether to be a mom or not BEFORE that baby is ever able to medically survive outside of her body!

The last couple of days there have been videos released, from a pro-life group, showing these abortion clinics, that provide late-term abortions, and their staff telling women how they wouldn’t help a live-born baby to survive after a botched abortion. How can these people possibly call themselves human? How can you say that a baby that could survive with medical care would just be left to die naturally? Why? Because his mommy didn’t want him so that must mean he deserves to die? These people make me sick. Literally sick to my stomach. See the recent stories here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

No. You shouldn’t be allowed to have a late-term abortion unless it’s performed in a hospital by hospital staff in a life or death situation. Most women have access to early abortions, which I don’t condone at all but they’re there and nothing I say is going to make them go away. Arguing that abortion is expensive and women have to save their money to get them in most cases is, pardon my language, bullshit! You are going to sit there and tell me that a woman who, 95% of the time, will know she is pregnant before the beginning of the second month of pregnancy, cannot save up enough money for an early abortion (before 16 weeks) but can somehow manage to gather up the funds for the more expensive late-term abortion that can cost $500-$1000 more? Really?

No. You shouldn’t be allowed to have a late-term abortion unless its life or death because you couldn’t afford birth control of any kind. You can’t afford a condom but you can afford an abortion? You can’t afford a morning after pill but you can afford an abortion? You can’t afford an early abortion but you can muster up the funds for a late-term abortion? You can’t afford formula for a baby but you can fork over the funds for an abortion? That’s the lamest excuse I’ve heard from abortion rights people, EVER!

And, please stop trying to tell me that women should have more access to early, safe, legal abortions so they don’t go to late-term abortion clinics like those in the news, like Kermit Gosnell. I don’t care how poor you are, if you can afford the money to get the abortion itself, you can afford the gas money to go where a safe, legal abortion is provided.

Probably the dumbest fallback excuse I hear has to be that people make mistakes and shouldn’t be punished for life for them. Yes. Yes, they should. If the result of your mistake is that you created a life, then you are responsible for that life. Period. We don’t condone anyone killing off 1 month old infants because they’re too expensive or they too hard to deal with so why are we condoning a woman deciding that the little heart beating inside of her is too hard and too expensive to deal with?

To all you late-term abortion supporters out there that try to excuse the inexcusable, I say a big ol’ Screw You! You have your women’s right to choose an abortion already. At what point does it stop being a choice and start being her responsibility? Start advocating for women to make better choices so they won’t have to choose to abort! How about you do that for a damn change!


Pro-choice and abortion activists have come out in droves to defend their right to abort. This lovely clump of cells decided to engage me in debate on Twitter then try to bring in her pal that can’t keep a Twitter account active for longer than a few days, I think, before it gets suspended. This time she trolled then blocked and protected her account. It was rather hilarious.



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