“Mom? Why Don’t You Want Me?”…”Because You’re Inconvenient”

The left-wing and pro-choice nuts have completely lost their minds of late. Particularly regarding abortion after their precious Planned Parenthood and late-term abortion procedures have come under attack following the start of the Hermit Gosnell trial. Gosnell, responsible for murdering many babies after they were born alive according to clinic workers and witnesses, has exposed the brutality and gruesome details surrounding the controversial late-term abortion procedure. Pro-abortion advocates are going on offense against anyone who merely mentions the Gosnell clinic or the fact that patients from the clinic had complained about the level of care and utter lack of cleanliness inside the clinic walls.

In a recent report, Planned Parenthood admitted that they had been advised by many patients of the Gosnell clinic of the unsanitary conditions and low level of care being administered by the clinic staff. Planned Parenthood representatives stated that they encouraged those women to report what they witnessed to the health department but did not investigate or report it themselves.

Critics and pro-life supporters think Planned Parenthood was obligated, as the largest advocate and provider of abortions in this country, to report any complaints that could potentially pose a risk to the life of the woman at the very least. Isn’t it the responsibility of everyone, especially those who promote a specific service, to report anything that could put a human life or welfare at risk?

It is clear to most of us that pro-choice supporters don’t care about the fetus or embryo, as they call them, so the fact that Gosnell was cutting spines of breathing, moving, crying babies and Planned Parenthood may have known, but did nothing is not surprising. What is shocking is that the group that claims to have a woman’s best interests in mind, fighting for a woman’s right to control her own body at all times, would let unsafe and life threatening operating conditions continue without telling someone. Anyone. Doesn’t this go against everything Planned Parenthood argues for? Women have the right to choose what to do with her body and should have unfettered access to safe legal abortions in order to achieve that goal, right Planned Parenthood?

Pro-choicers have begun a blame-game campaign against anyone who doesn’t fall in line with the overall narrative using the following common arguments:

1. Gosnell is what happens when abortion is illegal or not easily accessible.

They ignore the fact that early abortion was available to all of the women who sought “care” at the Gosnell clinic and that even late-term abortions are legal up to 23 weeks 6 days of pregnancy. Does it really take 24, 25, or 28 weeks to decide if you want to be pregnant or have a baby? In the cases where the abortion fell outside of the legal timeframe, the women who opened Gosnell’s door and asked if he could still do the abortion are just as much at fault for the death of the baby as he is.


2. Gosnell’s late-term abortions were the last choice for women who could not afford an early abortion because abortion is so expensive and that’s why the government should pay for them.

According to the price list for the Gosnell clinic, the abortions at the clinic cost the same or more than the care at another clinic such as Planned Parenthood for early abortions and much more for late-term abortions. Planned Parenthood says this about the cost of abortions while seeming discouraging the use of a hospital for financial reasons:

“Nationwide, the cost at health centers ranges from about $300 to $950 for abortion in the first trimester. The cost is usually more for a second-trimester abortion. Costs vary depending on how long you’ve been pregnant and where you go. Hospitals generally cost more.”

See the price list in the grand jury report I have included in my post. Which one is less expensive and invasive?


4. thru 7. If all other arguments from the left fail, they revert back to the old fallbacks like:

  • “you want to make rape and incest victims carry the baby of the man who violated their body”
  • “you are sick to want to make a woman carry a baby that will not survive birth or will be born deformed”
  • “if abortions are illegal, women will die in back-alley abortions”
  • “how dare you tell a woman what she can or can’t do with her body! The fetus is a parasitic organism that is living off of the woman.She has every right to choose if she wants to allow it to feed on her for 9 months or not”.

When people like myself who have their own personal reasons for not supporting abortions, except in cases of life or death and rape or incest, try to reason and use logical thought, we are attacked so viciously it could literally frighten you if you took them seriously.

I have done my research on abortion, I have intimate knowledge that makes me uniquely qualified to discuss the topic, and am a mother of 3 wonderful children, one of which was born when I was only 16 years old. I have quoted statistics from the federal government on abortion and the frequency with which it is performed on different statistical groups such as race, age, and number of abortions received previously.

Regardless of how many stats I throw out, like the 36% of women who get an abortion have already had at least one before and 8% have had two or more before, the pro-choicers argue that I am a right-wing, Jesus freak, out to ban all women’s rights.

Do abortion advocates actually ignore the real facts that are being presented by logical people every day?

Yes. They happily ignore that 44% of abortions are performed for women who’ve already had one before or that there are more than 330,000 abortions every year, negating the argument that most abortions are in cases of rape and incest.

Our country is in a worse state than we could ever imagine if the media, the government, and Planned Parenthood type groups are ignoring the 330,000 unwanted pregnancies each year as a result of rape and incest, chocked full of malformed babies.

Are we to believe there is a population of extremely fertile men, with retarded sperm, who walk around raping women and molesting their own young family members in an attempt to litter the United States with their own children, foiled only by abortion advocates and clinics? Is this really the argument pro-choice supporters want to use? Are they saying the 44% of women who have already aborted a child and go back to get another are repeat victims of a sexual crime?

I would argue that, for many, the choice to abort is a direct result of the “Oh Shit” factor after having unprotected sex or being irresponsible in some way. Many women claim that they are “not ready” for a child, as did the woman included in the grand jury complaint against Kermit Gosnell. Is “not ready” really a valid excuse for ending a life you created in an act that shouldn’t be performed without using your brain and protection?

To those that argue that a “fetus” is a parasite, I argue the same thing about a child, a husband, a dog, or a cat. Every living thing depends on someone or something else at some point to survive. Does simply exiting the womb remove the “parasite”, dependent, status? Doesn’t a baby still require the mother’s milk or an equivalent to survive? Does a baby not require constant care and supervision in order to grow and become an adult with the choice to abort? Why isn’t it okay, in that case, to just go around killing anything or anybody that might depend on you because you don’t feel like supporting them? Sounds pretty dumb huh?

There are way too many alternative options available to women to warrant so many abortions each year. Recently, birth control was made extremely inexpensive if not free for all women thanks to Obamacare. The morning after pill was also recently made more easily accessible to all females of any age via the pharmacy section at your local grocery or drugstore, thanks to the Supreme Court decision this year. There is the use of the ‘abortion pill’ as advertised on the Planned Parenthood website which can terminate a pregnancy if it is used early enough and the cost is comparable to an in-clinic abortion. Then there’s always the fallback of adoption for those that just can’t afford to get free birth control pills, buy condoms, get the morning after pill, or purchase abortion medication.

Adoption, thought of as the non-alternative by the pro-choice movement actually allows the life you created to be born, have a chance to live with a loving family who does want a child, and grow up to be a responsible adult. Some adopting parents/agencies will even pay for your prenatal care, childbirth, and in some cases, room and board just to ensure they get a healthy baby. But if you’re looking at abortion, don’t expect anyone to tell you about the benefits of adoption.

Who needs to give up 9 months of their life if they don’t have to? Why would you want to feel a tiny human growing inside of you when you could be out there partying, moving up the corporate ladder, or keeping your indiscretions secret from those closest to you?

– Can’t afford condoms or free pills? It’s okay. Get an abortion.

– Can’t afford the morning after pill but know you screwed up and could prevent the pregnancy completely? We got ya covered. Get an abortion.

– Can’t afford to get an early abortion before the fetus grows fingers and toes and can hear your voice inside the womb? Better now than never. Get a late-term abortion.

– Can’t get a late-term abortion that literally collapses the skull of the “fetus” and in some cases, dismembers “it” in order to remove all pieces from your body? Eh, just give birth and drop it off in front of a hospital or something.

– Don’t want to drop it off alive because you might get caught and punished for child endangerment? Dump it in a ditch away from the city.

– Too late to get rid of it because everyone already knows and even though you didn’t want it, you couldn’t make up your mind on what to do before the baby was born so now you’re stuck with a child you resent and never wanted? Just put it in the microwave or oven or something and say it was crying and you went nuts. You’ll get off if you claim you were depressed.

Which excuses are not excusable? When do we decide that a woman had the choice to be responsible as much as she has the choice to abort?

We don’t excuse women from killing their children after they are born so why are we encouraging them to do it before? Wake up people. The advancements and abilities of almost all women to choose to be responsible outnumber those that feel they have no choice but to abort.

*Planned Parenthood was graced with President Obama’s presence today with a morning speech of support and praise that was previously planned to be the keynote speaker address until pro-life and conservatives raised concerns about the president supporting an abortion advocate while keeping silent on the Gosnell trial.

**The Planned Parenthood website has a list of questions commonly asked by women interested in abortion.

The section, dedicated to putting a woman’s mind at ease, compared  abortion risks to the risk of death from giving birth:

“The risk of death from childbirth is 11 times greater than the risk of death from an abortion procedure during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy.”

The site offers to connect women with providers that will perform abortions for them later in the pregnancy such as those provided by Kermit Gosnell, often as late as 24 weeks. At no time, that I could see, do they discourage women from seeking to obtain an abortion that late in their pregnancy other than stating that the risk of death during childbirth compared to abortion after 20 weeks is the same.

The entire ‘FAQ’ section is designed to make abortion seem like a simple 5 minute procedure that is similar to getting a pelvic exam with good drugs to make you comfortable. Whether you agree or disagree with abortion, should we really be advertising it as one of the easiest and most welcoming procedures a woman can experience?

***See the full Grand Jury Report for Kermit Gosnell here or here:



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