Fox Invokes Gosnell, Abortion Smears To Attack Obama’s Planned Parenthood Address | Blog | Media Matters for America

Please read this blog on Media Matter for America and then scroll down to read the disgusting comments being left by the intolerant left who are absolutely irate that the secrets behind late-term abortions have been exposed. They are angry that Planned Parenthood has been exposed for ignoring what they were being told about a clinic that was murdering women and babies in the name of “Women’s Rights”.

Fox Invokes Gosnell, Abortion Smears To Attack Obama’s Planned Parenthood Address | Blog | Media Matters for America.

Here is my own comment and response to the idiots and hateful pro-murder trolls in the comments section:

Planned Parenthood had an obligation to report what they heard about the Gosnell clinic just like any person, priest, law enforcement, counselor, or doctor has an obligation to report things they hear that endanger lives. The fact that they use the defense that they “encouraged women to report what they saw to the health department” and that the health department ignored the reports shows the utter disregard for human life if it poses a threat to women’s rights to get rid of the inconvenient.

And for those that are going to tell me that making abortions illegal results in Gosnell clinic type conditions are grasping. 1. Early abortions are available to these women and are less expensive than the invasive, life threatening, and brutal procedures they endured. 2. “Back alley abortions and deaths happen so little that the CDC cannot even provide a miniscule percentage in their reporting of abortion numbers so don’t use that to argue your point. 3. The fact that 36% of the abortions performed in this country are for women who have had at least one other abortion before shows that many who “made a mistake” obviously didn’t learn from it and chose the easy way out of responsibility for their actions. 4. Legal abortion results in millions of aborted “fetuses”. No rape, life of the mother/child, or incest argument can justify that many abortions so don’t bother trying.

The people who attack pundits with vile insults and false accusations prove that the very same people who claim to want equal rights for all and are so tolerant of others are actually very intolerant of anything that doesn’t fit their narrow-minded views.

Gosnell is a murderer and exposes the horrors of late-term abortions and that pisses you off because you were happy when most people were ignorant to the fact that a “fetus” doesn’t die as easily as you claimed and forces “doctors” to finish them off when they don’t cooperate.

Keep on insulting the people are ACTUALLY disgusted by what Gosnell did and bringing it to light. You’re only making yourselves look silly by trying to defend the very same organization that employs people who think its up to the “mother” and doctor on what to do when that stubborn little life is born alive.



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