Who Cares What Color The Bombers Are?

After it was discovered that the Boston bombing suspects are Chechen immigrants who sought asylum here in 2002, its clear the “right-wing” blaming, liberal media, are a little upset they aren’t white American conservatives.

Over the last 3 days, the left has been busy trying to blame conservative extremists for the bombing in Boston on April 15th. It was tax day, Patriot’s Day, and the Newtown families were at the marathon after all. And since all conservatives hate taxes, Massachusetts, gun control, and patriots?, it must have been one of the “right-wingers” that blew those bombs, right?

After bashing Fox News for daring to imply the bombers were of some middle eastern descent, which was also proven to be inaccurate, the left continued to implicate any white person that may have any reason to disagree with current government policies or agendas. This led to anger among many conservatives who were incensed that they would be accused of killing just because they want lower taxes or didn’t vote for a democrat in 2012.

Today, the left began to attack conservatives who pointed out that the bombers are not ‘white Americans’ as David Sirota of Salon.com claimed they should be, with accusations that the right was “celebrating” the bombers’ radical and almost apparent ties to some sort of Islamic extremism.  The liberal websites responsible for leading the charge against whites claim conservatives are ecstatic that they can blame someone who seems to have been involved in radicalism often associated with the Muslim religion. Of course, most conservatives, sadly not all, were excited that the terrorists were on their way to being caught, not that they are radicals associated with any religion or race. Those wacky conservatives that used racial or discriminatory language were quickly used as examples of how crazy all “right-wingers” really are. For the rest of the common sense conservatives, we could have already told you the bombers were extreme. They bombed people. Kinda gives it away.

The questions I pose to those on the left that are angry that the bombers had not been found to have ties to the Tea Party, GOP, KKK, a conservative militia, or some other group that is accused of being mostly or all white, is: why are you so anxious for them to be homegrown, white, conservative, domestic terrorists from this country? Do you really see this country, an entire race, and an entire ideology so poorly that you believe they should be responsible for something so evil? Doesn’t your push for a white person to be the bad guy make YOU the racist? Racism that you argue is so prevalent among conservatives? Doesn’t your hope that a white American, not a black American or a hispanic American or an asian American, killed and dismembered so many people make you the guilty ones? If a conservative were to say they wished a black man was guilty of a horrible crime, that person would be hated by the left and the right and exiled into the realm of the racist and intolerant. How are the words being spewed from the mouths of many on the left any different?

I don’t care if the bombers are white, black, brown, or polka-dotted, they are terrorists. I don’t care if they are American, Chechen, Iraqi, Chinese, or Mexican; if they bomb a peaceful event, they are terrorists. I don’t care if they were born in Alaska, Quebec, Moscow, Tokyo, or Baghdad; they killed innocent people gathered together to celebrate life. They are terrorists. I don’t care if they were radicalized before or after they got to the U.S., overseas or online, they are terrorists. There’s no difference between foreign terrorists or domestic terrorists; they are all terrorists. If we react differently to a white terrorist than we do to a brown terrorist or a liberal versus conservative terrorist, then we’re doing it wrong. Left or right, we shouldn’t be hoping for them to be anything other than captured or killed. They are terrorists.


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