#Gosnell Trial May Get Media’s Attention?

The #Gosnell hashtag has been trending today as a result of the efforts of some pundits, Fox News contributors, and others who are disgusted at the lack of coverage being provided by the mainstream media.

Prior to this week, few media outlets had reported on the ongoing trial of Pennsylvania late-term abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell. Some sites such as Jezebel.com and Salon.com made an attempt to cover the story without hurting the pro-choice movement. Demonizing pro-life groups for the atrocities at the Gosnell clinic, citing the efforts to limit access to abortion as the reason women used the “underground” clinic, became the popular narrative.

Amanda Marcotte has been leading her fellow pro-choicers by giving them a common defense against the uproar over Gosnell’s alleged murder of at least seven infants during late-term abortions. Read her rants on Twitter here and her “coverage” of it here.

The comments section of the Jezebel.com story on Gosnell are enough to make any pro-life supporter lose their mind. Furthering the narrative provided for them by Marcotte were taken to the next level with one commenter saying that “until its born, its fair game” when referring to when a pregnancy should be excluded from termination. Read her full comment.

The fact is that most of the left-leaning media are afraid to cover the story of Gosnell’s heartless murder of innocent babies who could and probably would have survived outside of the womb. Gosnell claimed that the act of “snipping” was performed on many of the “fetuses” to ensure they were not alive. However, clinic staff and witnesses remembered hearing cries from one baby, seeing another take a breath after its spine was “snipped” at the neck in a virtual beheading, and seeing body movements. Once these children were guaranteed dead, their lifeless bodies were dumped in shoe-boxes, for those that could fit in one, and discarded like trash. One unlucky woman fell victim to the “doctor’s” failings as at clean, safe, and legal abortions and died on the “operating” table.

The left and pro-choice groups have no valid argument in defense of this man’s actions so they have resorted to blaming the rest of the people who think that ~ if it looks like a human, acts like a human, sounds like a human, its a human ~ and has the rights of a human.

I’m curious to see if and when the national media such as MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC’s networks begin to actually cover the story and if they will follow the lead of the vile and hateful Amanda Marcotte. Let’s hope they take the high road and report the facts as they are and leave it at that. We don’t expect anything unbiased from them so straight facts would be a pleasant surprise.


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