McConnell “bugging” perpetrators revealed by KY DNC


According to a telephone interview with Jacob Conway, Executive Committee Member of the Jefferson County, KY Democratic Party, he was “bragged” to about the recording that was released via the liberal magazine website, Mother Jones.

Conway stated that he was told by Progress Kentucky founder, Sean Riley, and a volunteer  for Progress Kentucky, Curtis Morrison, that they overheard voices from the McConnell campaign meeting and began recording.

The McConnell campaign initially pointed to the Democratic PAC, Progress Kentucky, when the recording was initially released.


Controversy over the recording arose when McConnell campaign staffers were heard speaking about actress, Ashley Judd’s, mental health and religious views. Left leaning media were up in arms that Judd’s personal details would have been used against her in a possible bid for the U.S. Senate in 2014.

Conservatives across the country rallied against the narrative of unfairness, citing the attacks on Mitt Romney’s religion, family trips with their dog, and financial matters during the 2012 Presidential Campaign.

According to cable television news, there has been no response from Progress Kentucky regarding illegal recording accusation.

You can demand a response from Progress Kentucky via their Twitter account: @progressky , their website: , or by Facebook: Progress Kentucky


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