Priorities? Hmmph…What’re Those?

In 2008, President Obama made claims to have all the answers to turn the country around economically, socially, and in foreign affairs.  The majority of the population believed in him and his ideas.  He was good at portraying himself as the guy who would not only make history by becoming the first black president but because he would change the country fundamentally.  Well, he has definitely proved he was qualified to give us a lot of change and to make history.

While the fact that Obama is the first black man to hold the highest government office in the land is proof of amazing and wonderful progress in this country, it does not change the fact that he, apparently, has no idea what he is doing.  He has fallen back on his ‘community organizer’ roots to solve our problems and this country does not need more empty promises, it needs results.

In the first two years of Obama’s first term, everyone thought, “yea, this guy will surely attack the economy and jobs problem so he can prove his competence”.  Unfortunately, that did not happen.  Instead, he signed a huge stimulus which threw money at the problem and told everyone to “wait for it, wait for it…” as if any day all that money would miraculously create thousands of jobs all by itself.  While the country was waiting with baited breath for this miracle, Obama and his democratic majority in both houses began work on what is so fondly referred to as Obamacare.  This disaster was poorly written and forced through with little REAL support from either side, because most had not even read it but were told to toe the line if they wanted to survive, politically.  It took up the majority of lawmakers’ time trying to rally support and sneak in amendments at the last minute while carefully keeping the bad parts secret from the American people.  It passed the Congress and was signed into law by President Obama in March of 2010.  By this time, it had been over a year since he took office and passed the stimulus which had already begun to weasel it’s way into the economy, creating temporary “shovel ready jobs” to make it seem as if it was working.

Meanwhile, in the foreign affairs front, other countries were watching and listening to the president on his first visits to our allies.  He made sure to tell those countries how badly the United States had behaved in the past, under G.W. Bush, and how he would be a better president.  He was viewed by many as having apologized for our country’s behavior and promising to be more friendly to all.  While this may have seemed like a good strategy for Obama and the left, the rest of the country and, apparently, those countries with immense hate for the U.S. viewed this “apology tour” as a sign of weakness or unwillingness to show strength.  It was like the street gang who lost their leader that would have done anything to protect the gang’s members, even fight other gangs, and replaced him with a guy who had never fought anyone and was against violence in any way for any reason.  The other gangs sit back and watch and push the boundaries more and more until they figure out that they can do pretty much anything to the, now weaker, gang with no repercussions.   This is the state of affairs in the world right now.  The United States had respect for its ability and willingness to defend itself from harm, regardless of the threat; now its just the country that has the means to defend itself but refuses to use them.

North Korean leader, Kim Jung-un, has figured this out.  He continues to push President Obama further and further into the corner with threats of hostility and total indifference to the sanctions being levied against North Korea.  The current climate has escalated beyond the point of being able to simply sit down and talk, like Obama said he wanted to do in his 2008 campaign.  When another country’s leader threatens to fire nuclear missiles at your country, even if you know he does not have that ability yet, the strong and confident leader would guarantee the safety of his own country through a demonstration of strength.  What President Obama does not seem to realize is that, while he believes he is avoiding a new war or hostilities, other countries are watching and waiting to see what he is going to do about these threats.  They will watch the situation play out as if they were coaches watching game footage of an opposing team.  They will learn our weaknesses and use them against us in the future.

Will the American people wake up before it is too late and demand our president stop campaigning for new laws against gun owners, opening up our borders to anyone who wants to come through, or golfing with celebrities?  Is it too late for him to start focusing on what is important in this country at this time: our economy and jobs, securing our borders, and ensuring our safety through strength.  Have we ventured too far into this second term under his agenda to change how other countries view us?  Is waiting for the next presidential election too long to prevent further aggression toward the U.S. from North Korea or another country?  This blogger holds out hope that, we the people, can turn this administration’s agenda around, if even just slightly, to get us back on the right path.  I know that the president has begun to see the will of the people in regards to his budget, compromise on spending and cuts, and that we kept the House of Representatives republican led for a reason.  There are more than three years left in his second term; there’s still time for him to grow a pair and stand up for our country against threats of war.

President Obama, can you hear us?


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