Dear Margaret Thatcher Haters:



Today, the world learned of the death of the former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.  Upon hearing the news, those who did not agree with her politics, views, or existence began the celebrations via Twitter and other social media outlets.  The hate filled comments regarding her past statements regarding feminism, financial matters, and pretty much anything else were used to excuse the glee with which her death had been regarded.
According to the, mostly, liberals who are now ecstatic at the thought of her dying, she will not be missed and the champagne can now be opened.  However, what the left does not realize is that they are very nearly proving the point that a lot of conservatives around the world have been making about liberals…they are hateful unless it is about one of their own.  It is not often you will hear someone figuratively dance on the grave of another human, except when it involves the death of a conservative.
I wonder if those same liberals who are doing a jig in their living rooms would expect more civility in return from conservatives if a liberal icon had passed?  Do they not realize that their actions will be remembered and, right or wrong, some conservatives will pay it forward when that day comes?  Will those same liberals demand respect for their dead as if they had been practicing that code the whole time?  No.  They will condemn those on the right who make crude, nasty comments about the death of a liberal and claim it is the typical hate from the right that this country is trying to get away from all along.  They will ignore the hate and false accusations coming from their own party and they will get away with it because no media, government, or meaningful backlash will come, as a result.
Keep on hating, NoH8, all inclusive, party of tolerance.  We are watching.  We will not forget. 


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